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Florist catch up

August 19th, 2010 — 2:00pm

I went to see our florist last night to discuss the finer details and to tell her about any changes I had made since the last time I saw her.  (Which was the day Has went to India for a month can you believe!?!!)

We arrived at her house and knocked the door…. no answer… knock a little louder… still no answer.  Hmmm tried ringing her…. no answer.

I’m started to get a little confused at this point thinking things like “this is the right house isn’t it?” and “I do have the right day don’t I?”  Luckily I was able to check my emails on my phone to reassure myself I wasn’t going mad and I did indeed have the correct date, time and address.  After ringing another couple of times – I received a text message telling me she was at work doing a wedding appointment and she’d call me later… erm what?!  I text her back explaining I was outside her house waiting for my appointment!

With that she came out of the house looking rather embarrassed - apparently she hadn’t heard us knocking and had thought the phone calls were from a different Laura she knew!!!

Despite the initial heart attack she gave me, the meeting went very well.  We went over what we had decided at the first meeting and to be honest I hadn’t changed my mind too much.

I still want my poofy, messy and very natural looking bouquet filled with ivory avalanche roses, purple roses, lisianthusm, freesias and hypericum berries.

(Source unknown)

I bookmarked this bouquet ages ago and I still love it.  I gave it to our florist as an example of how I wanted mine to look. I have a gorgeous Yarwood-White brooch to pin to the stem of my bouquet, which will be wrapped in an ivory lace ribbon.

The bridesmaids are having smaller bouquets made up of the ivory avalanche roses, a purple rose and purple freesias.

Has’ button hole will be a purple rose with dark green foliage and the rest of the wedding party (best men, ushers and dads) will have a white rose with dark green foliage.

Our mom’s are going to have a corsage made up of a selection of our wedding flowers in ivory, so the purple doesn’t clash with their carefully chosen outfits!

Our table arrangements have all stayed the same apart from our top table ones.  We decided to have 4 small square vases with a small arrangement of our wedding flowers to go along the length of the table.  Our top table will be used as the buffet table during the evening so those little vases can either sit on their or they can be moved into the quite room just outside of our marquee.

So ignoring the initial heart-stopping-panic moment it was all in all a very good meeting!

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Fluffy Purple Flowers

March 18th, 2010 — 1:02pm

After yesterday’s wobble and the kind advice and support from everyone I think I’ve come to realise it was the shape of the white bouquet that I loved.

If I can have a big fluffy purple bouquet I’ll be a happy girl!

So flowers to make my bouquet fluffy.


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March 17th, 2010 — 4:56pm

I’m sure it’s something every bride goes through but I’m wobbling, nothing major – I still love my dress, I still love the venue and I still 100% want to marry Has!

No I’m wobbling over my bouquet.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge in the flower world.  I know what I like and what I don’t like and that’s about it!

The bouquet I have discussed with my florist Jennie will look similar to this.

We had talked about having a mixture of blue moon and avalanche roses (lilac and ivory) freesias and lisianthus. All in different shades of ivory and purple.
However I keep seeing all white bouquets.  Fluffy, white, giant bouquets.  Like this one I posted a few weeks ago
Taken from Style me Pretty

If I had an all white bouquet I’d still have roses, freesias and lisianthus.  I can’t decide which bouquet I like best, so I’m handing it over to you. Which do you prefer?

Thank you

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Fluffy Flowers!

March 1st, 2010 — 1:22pm

I’m in love with this bouquet!  I would love mine to be this fluffy and big!  When I met with my florist I kept saying “I want it to look fluffy” I’m sure she thought I was crazy at least now I have an image I can show her!

Taken from Style me Pretty

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Lovely Lisianthus

February 3rd, 2010 — 3:59pm
Blog readers meet Lisianthus, Lisianthus meet blog readers!
These are the same flower that will feature on our wedding, same colour too. I’ve bought a bunch to take home tonight to treat my Mom, shhh don’t tell her!

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Thank you flowers

February 1st, 2010 — 10:11pm

Suzie bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to say thank you.

I really love the tiny pinky purple flowers, they are so pretty.  They look really wild and natural, I think they’d work really well with the flowers for our wedding.  Problem is I have no idea what they are?!  Does anyone know?

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Flowers "Check!"

November 16th, 2009 — 6:48pm

Just called Jennie and we’re all set!  I was a little nervous about my decision as she’d made a few mistakes in her quote, but as soon as she started speaking she was apologising about them.  She also reaffirmed by decision when she said she would let me know as soon as she had a purple rose in so I could pop round to see it, either that or she’d post it to me!

So I’ll be writing out a cheque to pop in the post to her asap!  Another thing crossed of the list!
Blue Moon Rose

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Flower Fuss

October 23rd, 2009 — 8:54am

Ok so it’s been two weeks since I saw Flower Fayre and I still haven’t received a quote from them.  Yeah I know people are busy and the postal services are on strike (which has only been since yesterday!) but you’d have thought I would have heard from them by now?

Ever since I started planning this wedding I made a little note to myself, that if someone took too long to answer me I wouldn’t bother with them.  I think it’s just rude and not a great impression to give off to a potential customer.

Meanwhile last weekend Jennie, the lady who I saw first, rang me to double check I had received her quote and to ask whether I had any questions.  I expressed my worry about her being on her own and asked what would happen if she were to fall ill and not be able to fulfil the order.  She reassured me that she has plenty of capable florist friends who would gladly step in to help.  I told Jennie I was waiting for another quote before making up my mind, but in all honesty I think I already have.

This is the bouquet I saw in Jennie’s book and fell in love with.  Apologies for the bad quality, I took the picture using my phone.

Instead of the dark calla lilies, I want Ivory avalanche roses.  I think the calla lilies are too dark and almost make the bouquet look like it has gaps in it!

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Flower Fun

October 12th, 2009 — 2:54pm
I saw another florist this weekend (I hope this will be the last!)  The florist I saw last weekend, Jenny, has sent me her quote and I’m really happy with it.  I’m just going to wait for the quote from this one to make up my mind.

My only concern with Jenny is that she’s a one woman band, what would happen if she were to get sick and couldn’t supply the flowers on the day?  Would I be walking down the aie with a bunch of what ever we could find in the gardens at Nailcote?  The thing is I feel really good about Jenny.  She’s a lovely lady, she was so helpful and made loads of suggestions.

The one thing I needed help with was ideas for the top table.  I really don’t like the traditional wedding wreath, they just aren’t me.  Also our top table will turn into the buffet table on the evening, so there would be no room for a big arrangement.  I’m sure it would just end up being shoved out of the way somewhere and I don’t really want to pay £40 for that to happen.

Jenny suggested I have small cylinder shaped vases filled with ice gel with a flower head on the top.  I’d also have my little purple lights sitting in the gel.  I’m much happier with this idea because it means I could actually keep them on the buffet table during the evening.

This is the sort of thing I’m looking into.

I would use purple (blue moon) and ivory (avalanche) roses.  I also hadn’t thought about a table runner but that might complete the look.

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1 year 1 Month

October 5th, 2009 — 1:39pm
Bit of a weird weekend. Autumn arrived with a gust of wind as I waved Has off on Saturday morning when the Emirates driver came to pick him up.  I packed up most of my belongings in the car and headed back home. 
I purposely arranged a meeting with a florist, so I had something to keep me busy, mom and I drove over to meet Jenny in Sutton Coldfield.
I wasn’t feeling particularly wedding-y and would much rather have stayed at home in the warm, but we braved the wind and cold and I’m glad we did.
Unlike the other florists I’ve met she was interested in our wedding.  She wanted to know all kinds of little details and made loads of suggestions.  I think the most exciting thing to come out of this meeting was the idea for the bridesmaid bouquets.  We saw a bouquet made of roses and another bouquet made of freesias.  So we’ve decided to combine the two, light purple freesias with avalanche roses.  Beautiful!
Jenny also understood my ramblings about my bouquet not looking like a ball.  I said thing like “fluffy, messy, but neat” and “So it looks like you’ve just gathered up a handful of flowers”  She totally understood what I was after and we picked out a gorgeous picture in one of her books.  I’m actually annoyed with myself that I didn’t take a picture of the two bouquets I liked.  I’m just waiting on her quote now.  Hopefully it won’t be too expensive.  I’m going to see another shop on Saturday who I have high hopes for.  We shall see.
It’s also 1 year and 1 month to go today.  It’s nice to know that Has will be back before the 1 year count down arrives.
Only 26 more days to go :)

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