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Some things for the weekend

October 24th, 2010 — 5:53pm

Slightly late – I hope you’ll forgive me!  We’ve had a rather manic but lovely weekend.  Has’ University friend Stuart got married to his childhood sweetheart yesterday in East Sussex.  It was a beautiful wedding and was a nice way for Has and I to forget the wedding worries and panics and really enjoy the idea of our wedding as well as celebrating our friends’ special day.

I can’t believe we’re less than two weeks away now, I’m flitting from excitement to nerves, to complete denial that it is in fact very close now.  I’m going with Suzie tomorrow for her final fitting, then Hayley is popping over on Tuesday to help me (hopefully) finish the Order of Service.

I know they’re late but here are some links I’ve been loving.



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Some things for the weekend

October 8th, 2010 — 10:00am

HUGE weekend planned!!  We’re off to London tomorrow for my hen party!!!  So, so, so excited!  Make sure you check back next week for a full detailed account of what I imagine will be a rather boozy weekend!

Source Jagger Photography

Lovely links…

Hope your weekend is fab!  xxx

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Some things for the weekend

October 1st, 2010 — 8:14pm

Well my first week being unemployed has gone rather quickly!  I have to admit that the experience at the Job Centre is one I would like to have forget!

Has left for his stag to Sofia on Wednesday evening for a long weekend filled with drinking, drinking, drinking oh and a football match!  If you follow me on Twitter you will have no doubt seen the “Has Mask” photo!  Love it!

Also it’s been 2 whole days since I last tried on my wedding ring… I know I’m proud too!  Jon Keith Diamonds also blogged about our rings too!  You have to check it out!

My youngest bridesmaids are being fitted this weekend and I’m also taking a trip out to buy a couple more martini vases for our centrepieces as one was broken earlier in the year and I’d also like to keep a spare!

Hope you all have fabulous weekends planned?  On to some pretty links!

Hope your weekend is happy and fun!


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Some things for the weekend

September 24th, 2010 — 1:05pm

We’re off to Cornwall this evening to spend the weekend with my family and our closest friends.  I’ve had a really up and down time recently which has come to a head today.  So I’m looking forward to just forgetting about everything by the English Seaside.

Hope you all have lovely weekend plans!

Enjoy the weekend!


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Some things for the weekend

September 17th, 2010 — 3:37pm

I have a very busy weddingy-fied weekend ahead.  Tonight is my first hen party!  I’m excited and also slightly nervous given the fact that the organising has been left to the mischievous duo of Hayley and Suzie.

I vetoed  any willies and general hen party tat during my London hen weekend, so they have decided to throw a separate party where it’ll be willies-a-g0-go!

Tomorrow I start the first in my course of facials in the run up to the wedding and then Sunday I’m going with my Mom to her personal shopper appointment to find her something wonderful to wear!  Looking forward to all of it!

Lovely weekend links

Have a fab weekend everyone!!! xxx

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Some things for the weekend

September 10th, 2010 — 5:12pm

I can’t believe how fast time is going and we are yet another week closer to the wedding!  This week has been a mixture of ups and downs – I can’t believe Suzie found my shoes and I’m super excited about the bridesmaids dresses coming in too.

We’re going to a wedding tomorrow night, which means we only have 1 more wedding to attend before our own!  Yikes!  People are now starting to greet me by saying “Not long now, you must be really excited!”  At the moment I think I’m in denial,  No way is the wedding only 56 days away!

I have my very first dress fitting on Wednesday… ermm nervous!  I haven’t yet tried on MY dress, so the nervous are creeping in, not sure why I know I still love it.  I think it will all become real at that moment though.

Any way without further ado, lovely links!

If you haven’t seen this yet, be warned you’ll need tissues.  This is absolutely beautiful, yet heart breaking at the same time.  Found via A Cup of Jo

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Have a fantastic weekend! xxxx

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Some things for the weekend

September 3rd, 2010 — 3:57pm

Friday’s here, Friday’s here, Friday’s here!!

The sun is shining, it’s 2 hours until the weekend officially begins, I have a busy wedding weekend planned and I moved up 3 places on the Top 100 UK Wedding Tweeters list!  All is good!

Tomorrow morning I have my hair trial, which I am super-duper-jump-around excited about, then we’re off to check out a few shops for Has’ suit.  If we get chance we’re also going to do a bit of ring mooching.  We have a small idea of the styles we want, but we want to look at other options too.

I wanted to also say a huge congratulations to Emma at Cake For Breakfast is getting married tomorrow.   I “met” Emma through twitter and blogging and have thoroughly enjoy reading and chatting about our weddings.  Best of luck Cloggins!  I hope your day is beautiful and perfect x

So, on to some lovely links!

Happy weekend lovelies!  xxx

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Some things for the weekend

August 27th, 2010 — 4:57pm

High Fives for an extra long weekend!

How will you be spending yours?  I shall be celebrating 26 years tomorrow and then my brother’s 23rd Birthday on Monday.  Hope you have a fab one!

Some lovelies for the weekend.

Have an awesome long weekend, see you on the other side! xxx

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Some things for the weekend

August 20th, 2010 — 3:34pm

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!  I was totally blown over today when I tried to argue with someone that we had about 85 days left.  They kept telling me “No Laura it’s more like 77″ turns out they were right and I seem to have misplaced a week!

Hopefully this weekend I’m going to get the majority of our evening invitations finished and possible take a little shopping trip to look for various bobs and bits!

Here are my list of lovelies this week.

Happy weekend xxx

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Some things for the weekend

August 13th, 2010 — 4:16pm


Hello lovelies, how’s the week been for you?

I’ve had a lovely week celebrating Has’ birthday with cake and a trip to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 and also finally sending out our wedding invitations!

I also had some fab news today that made me squeal… I made the Top 100 UK Wedding Tweeters list! In at number 86 – woop woop!

Plan for this weekend include catching up on my sleep, shopping for wedding make up and hopefully trying it out!  We’re also going out tomorrow night with friends to celebrate Has’ birthday.

What are you getting up to?  If you have a few spare minutes check out this list of lovelies I’ve spotted over the last week.

Have a good one xxx

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