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Jenny Sun

March 4th, 2010 — 4:35pm

I’ve gone on before about my Google Reader (a few times) but it really does help me keep track of the hundreds of blogs I read.  I follow a mixed bag of blogs; weddings, home design, crafts and baking but one of my favourite types of blogs is a photographers blog.

One I love in particular is Jenny Sun  She’s taking a little break at the moment but she has been posting pictures from her travels.  Her photos from New York are something else!  They capture everything I love about New York.
For more pictures and to read her blog posts about New York, click here and here

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Engagement Shoot

February 24th, 2010 — 1:23pm

As part of our photography package with Deborah Stott we have an engagement shoot.  It’s so Deborah can get to know us better and us her.  It’s also to allow Has and I to feel more comfortable posing for the camera so we don’t end up with awkward wedding day photos.

Quite a lot of photographers are now including this in the wedding day package and it was something that we really wanted to do.  Neither of us feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera, so it will be a nice way for us to relax into being the centre of attention before the big day.

from Shannon Nicole Smith

When we first spoke to Deborah she told us it was completely our decision.  Some couples choose to have their shoot at their venue and others pick a place that means a lot to them.
It would be nice to have it at Nailcote Hall, we could have a good wander around the grounds, they have quite a famous golf course, although I’m not sure how many photos we’d get away with before an angry golfer told us off!  It would be ideal as Deborah could become familiar with our venue and the grounds before the wedding.  On the other hand, we’ll have plenty of photos of us at Nailcote from the wedding day, so I’ve been trying to think of an alternate place.  Other than flying us all out to New York for the weekend I can’t really think of another place that is special to us both.

From Kyle Hale via Green Wedding Shoes


I’m not entirely sure when or where our shoot will take place.   I would like our shoot to be towards the end of the summer, early autumn.  Our wedding day will be cold, so it would be nice if the engagement photographs looked a little warmer, plus I don’t really want to be wearing a coat, hopefully I’ll be wearing a cute summer dress and cardigan!  (Although these photos in the snow are so cute!)
From Rebekah Westover via Ruffled

Should we take props?

Some of the engagement shoots I’ve seen floating around blog land have the couples posing with a few props, such as balloons, picnics, old record players and food, like cupcakes!  I think this will probably depend on where we end up having the shoot, but I think it would be nice for us to take a few things along, I think props can help relax you into the photo shoot.  That was definitely true for me when I had photos taken for Suzie’s hen party.  It was much easier to fool around with a sword or telescope than have to think about what to do.
From Shannon Nicole Smith via Rock ‘n Roll Bride

More and more engagement shoots are cropping up in my Google Reader and I keep saving them so I’ll have plenty of inspiration for when it’s our turn.

In fact I’m going to admit to being really cheesy… Has and I have a large mirror above our dresser.  It’s where I spend most of the evening, crafting or blogging, so whenever Has comes over to give me a cuddle or a kiss I look up in the mirror at our reflection and say “That would make a cute engagement shoot pose!”

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Friday’s Photo

November 20th, 2009 — 5:07pm

A little bit different this week, but I realised that I haven’t really said enough about our photographer.  So for this week’s Friday’s Photo I’m showcasing the amazing work of Deborah Stott

Happy Weekend x
All photos are property of Deborah Stott

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Say Cheese!! … But no Macarena!

September 22nd, 2009 — 11:26am


After the venue our next priority was the photographer, we wanted to make sure every special second of our day was captured by someone who had an eye for detail. Both Has and I like the reportage style of photography, we want our photos to be natural and not too posed. We feel these types of pictures always come out best as people are more relaxed.

We saw a few people who we were almost happy with, none of the companies we saw seemed to offer the right package. We wanted two photographers, a CD with all of our high resolution photos, a pre-engagement shoot and all in at the right price!

I’d found a website of a lady in Staffordshire whose photos I adored. Her prices weren’t on her website so I sent off for a brochure. It came with a DVD of photos she had taken at a recent wedding. We were all really impressed and decided to arrange a meeting with Deborah Stott. Deborah is everything Has and I wanted in a photographer. On the day we will have reportage style photography by 2 photographers, who will both be there from the moment we start getting ready right up to the evening to capture the first dance. We will also get a CD with all of our high resolution pictures and a pre engagement wedding shoot. Her work can be found at her website and I am constantly checking her blog for any new weddings she’s photographed!


Another important element of our wedding was the entertainment. We’d always said we wanted a live band. The idea of a cheesy DJ blasting out inappropriate tunes like “Young Hearts Run Free” or songs with their own dances like the “Macarena”, sent shivers down our spine! Don’t get us wrong a little bit of cheese is a good thing, but we’re talking about classic cheese like “God gave Rock ‘n Roll to you” by Kiss!

The Subterraneans had played at various family and friends weddings and knew Has’ brother Mos quite well from the days he used to book them to play at the Slug and Lettuce. The Subterraneans are now regulars at Birmingham’s Jam House and have had rather impressive slots at Glastonbury, the Ashes and the LG Arena. We are super excited about having them perform at our wedding we know no one will be stuck to their seats once they start playing!

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