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Reasons to have a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

July 5th, 2010 — 12:38pm

If you’re humming and harring over whether to have a pre-wedding shoot I would say to you – do it!

Has and I were so nervous about our shoot, we of course wanted it to be perfect and were worried about how to pose, what to wear, what to take etc etc etc!

The moment we met Deborah she put us at ease.  She seemed just as excited about the shoot as we did.

Thankfully it was a gorgeous morning, a little windy but nothing we couldn’t handle.  We started out with a few test shots before using some of our props.  (I’m not going to give too much away you’ll have to wait for the photos!)

Reasons why you should have a photo shoot.

  • It allows you to get to know your photographer. After all they are going to be with you on one of the most important days of your life.  They’ll be there  whilst you go through the pre-wedding nerves during the preparations of the morning, right through to you walking down the aisle, saying “I do”, and swirling around for your first dance.
  • It allows your photographer to get to know you. Surely you’re photos are going to be more personal if your photographer knows a little bit about you and how to get the best shots of you.
  • It lets you know what to expect on the day. At some point you and your new husband/wife will have a few moments of quiet to pose for some photos.  Knowing how to pose and what are the nicest spots in your venue will save you time, so you can get straight back to your guests.
  • It will build up your confidence. Throughout our shoot our photographer Deborah, was very complimentary, telling us we were “naturals” and how we were going to be great to shoot on our wedding day.  It’s always great to hear you’re doing something well, to get feedback like that is good because you start to relax and you realise it isn’t as bad or as hard as you might have first thought.  Your confidence will also shine through in the photos, not a nervous smile in sight!
  • You’ll have fun! Has and I had a blast!  We laughed and joked during our shoot and I’m sure the photos will look better for it.
  • You’ll have great memories. This time in my life is very special to me.  Being the Bride-to-be is only going to last for so long and  I want to remember every single moment of it.  I can’t think of a better way than for someone to capture you and your partner at your dream venue very much in love.

Being at Nailcote yesterday, having our photos taken and talking with Deborah about details of our day made us both so excited.  When you’ve been planning a wedding for a long time, it’s easy to think you still have a long wait.  It was a lovely reminder that in 4 months time we’ll be having our big day for real and the next time Deborah takes our photos together… we’ll be saying “I do!”

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Strike a pose!

July 4th, 2010 — 2:25pm

We had our pre-wedding shoot today –!

Deborah Stott is wonderful! She helped us feel really relaxed and her enthusiastic and passionate attitude really helped us make the most of our shoot.

Thank you Deborah, we can’t wait to see the pictures!

We also want to say a big thank you to Suzie for baking us some gorgeous cupcakes to use during the shoot – yum!!

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What to wear?

June 22nd, 2010 — 5:00pm

In less than 2 weeks we have our engagement shoot… What do I wear?!

I have also run out of weekends to go shopping, so it’s online all the way for me.  I think Has is working late a few nights this week so a dash around the bullring may be in order.

I have my eye on a few outfits, so I’ll be heading to those shops to try them on.

These are a few outfits I’ve seen and may consider

Dress, belt, necklace & bracelet – Oasis.  Shoes – Topshop. Cardigan - New Look

Summer girl casual, or something a little smarter

Top & bangles – Oasis.  Shoes & city chorts – New Look.

What do you think?

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Pre-Wedding Shoot

June 3rd, 2010 — 9:52am

We’ve booked it!! On July 4th we’ll be striking poses all over Nailcote Hall!

I contacted Deborah Stott this week to see how she was and to find out when we were due to speak with her next and she offered us a few dates to choose from for our engagement/pre-wedding shoot.

Excited much?!

Obviously now I have less time to think about what I’m going to wear, how I’m going to have my hair and what, if any props am I going to take?!

We started talking about it last night and I said I really want this shoot to be about us.  If Has wants to wear a Metallica T-shirt then he should, because that’s him!  We laughed about how we should take our patch jackets or our American Football shirts for a few fun photos.

I still really want to have a bouquet of tulips and to take a blanket for us to have a few pictures on.

I also thought it would be really cute for us to bake and decorate a few cupcakes, not only can they feature in our pictures but we can eat them afterwards! Yum!  With the blanket it could almost look like a picnic.
Although the shoot is happening in what is supposed to be the height of summer you really can’t trust the British weather, knowing our luck it’ll be rainy and drizzly.  I thought it might be a good idea to get a large colourful umbrella just in case!  Plus it can make for some gorgeous pictures.

Expect many “What do you think of this dress?” and “How should I have my hair” posts from me over the next few weeks!

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Engagement Shoot Style

March 25th, 2010 — 4:20pm

I’ve had a couple of ideas for our engagement shoot.

I’d love to be able to carry a small bouquet of tulips in some photos.  They are my favourite flower and seeing as I can’t afford to include them in the wedding it would be nice to have a few shots of them.

Green Wedding Shoes
My other thought was related to our “Thank You” cards.  We won’t have the opportunity to write these out before we go on honeymoon, so I wanted to prepare as much as I could for when we get back.  We’ll be away for 3 weeks and I don’t want to leave people too long without a proper thank you.
I have been thinking about having a few photos taken during our shoot specifically for our “Thank You” cards  so I can make these us ready for us to write out when we get back.  I love the idea of having the words “Thank You” written out and held by us.  Something like this…
It’s really different and cute!  As chalkboards seem to be featuring quite heavily in our wedding, I had thought about using the boards we are having for our menus.
We can also have a lot of fun with other different messages
Polka Dot Bride

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Before I knew…

February 26th, 2010 — 4:53pm

I love asking Has question about how he planned to propose, maybe it’s because I’m a details person or just because I’m nosey but I seriously can not get enough of these stories.

From very early on in our relationship we had spoken about marriage and I’d always said I wanted Has to ask my parents for their permission.  It wasn’t because we needed their approval, but it’s one of the old fashioned traditions I really loved.  I also think my Dad would have been disappointed if he hadn’t have been asked.  My parents knew that I wanted Has to ask them, and would often joke with Has how they would only agree if Has was wearing an Aston Villa Football shirt.  Has is an avid Birmingham City supporter.  (If you don’t know about football, these teams are serious rivals!)  It’s a good job Has and my parents get on so well else there may not have been a proposal!

Me and Has with my parents

He told me he remembers the exact moment he knew he wanted to propose.  Early July 2008 he went to see Morrissey with his brother, he told his brother, Taz, there that he was planning on doing it.  Later that month
my cousin got married. Whilst I was preoccupied helping Alison get ready, Has took my parents aside and said something along the lines of “I’m not wearing a Villa shirt, but….!”  Obviously my parents were shocked and over joyed!  I seriously do not know how they kept it a secret for 2 months!

My Mom and Has had figured out that my ring finger was the same size as my Mom’s little finger.  Without my knowledge she had to go to a jewellers to get it measured and relay that information to Has!  Sneaky!  Has knew the type of styles I liked for an engagement ring but I have to say he did such an amazing job picking out my ring.  I couldn’t be happier with it.

My “Oh I’m just posing, what’s that you ask?  Just my ROCK!” pose

The day before we were due to fly to Las Vegas, we had to drive down to Heathrow as our flight left very early morning.  Before setting out on the journey we decided it would be a good idea to grab something to eat so I popped out to MacDonald’s to pick us up some fast food.  Little did I know Has was showing my Mom the ring and making sure it fit her little finger!

I could listen to these tales again and again, I love knowing the details and how (practically) everyone knew and was in on the surprise before I was!
The day we got to Las Vegas I rang my parents to say we had arrived safely and rambled on about how gorgeous and hot it was… meanwhile 5235 miles away my parents and brother were huddled around the phone expecting me to shout “We’re engaged!”   I saved that for 5am the next morning!

It was such an important few months in the run up to one of the most significant moments of my life and I almost resent not being part of it (My control freak side coming out!)  Saying that I’m glad it came as a surprise, and I wouldn’t change a single part of it for anything.

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Engagement Shoot

February 24th, 2010 — 1:23pm

As part of our photography package with Deborah Stott we have an engagement shoot.  It’s so Deborah can get to know us better and us her.  It’s also to allow Has and I to feel more comfortable posing for the camera so we don’t end up with awkward wedding day photos.

Quite a lot of photographers are now including this in the wedding day package and it was something that we really wanted to do.  Neither of us feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera, so it will be a nice way for us to relax into being the centre of attention before the big day.

from Shannon Nicole Smith

When we first spoke to Deborah she told us it was completely our decision.  Some couples choose to have their shoot at their venue and others pick a place that means a lot to them.
It would be nice to have it at Nailcote Hall, we could have a good wander around the grounds, they have quite a famous golf course, although I’m not sure how many photos we’d get away with before an angry golfer told us off!  It would be ideal as Deborah could become familiar with our venue and the grounds before the wedding.  On the other hand, we’ll have plenty of photos of us at Nailcote from the wedding day, so I’ve been trying to think of an alternate place.  Other than flying us all out to New York for the weekend I can’t really think of another place that is special to us both.

From Kyle Hale via Green Wedding Shoes


I’m not entirely sure when or where our shoot will take place.   I would like our shoot to be towards the end of the summer, early autumn.  Our wedding day will be cold, so it would be nice if the engagement photographs looked a little warmer, plus I don’t really want to be wearing a coat, hopefully I’ll be wearing a cute summer dress and cardigan!  (Although these photos in the snow are so cute!)
From Rebekah Westover via Ruffled

Should we take props?

Some of the engagement shoots I’ve seen floating around blog land have the couples posing with a few props, such as balloons, picnics, old record players and food, like cupcakes!  I think this will probably depend on where we end up having the shoot, but I think it would be nice for us to take a few things along, I think props can help relax you into the photo shoot.  That was definitely true for me when I had photos taken for Suzie’s hen party.  It was much easier to fool around with a sword or telescope than have to think about what to do.
From Shannon Nicole Smith via Rock ‘n Roll Bride

More and more engagement shoots are cropping up in my Google Reader and I keep saving them so I’ll have plenty of inspiration for when it’s our turn.

In fact I’m going to admit to being really cheesy… Has and I have a large mirror above our dresser.  It’s where I spend most of the evening, crafting or blogging, so whenever Has comes over to give me a cuddle or a kiss I look up in the mirror at our reflection and say “That would make a cute engagement shoot pose!”

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Facebook and Google are Engaged!

January 6th, 2010 — 1:32pm

Dave Morin (Senior Platform Manager at Facebook) proposed to Brittany Bohnet (Product Marketing Manager at Google) whilst on a 2 week holiday in the Maldives.

Taking her up in a sea plane, he surprised her with this message written out in coconuts!
Love it!
So romantic! 
Photos are from Dave Morin’s Flickr, details from Green Wedding Shoes

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Sweet Dreams

November 3rd, 2009 — 9:05pm

I’ve mentioned it before but our family and friends were super generous when we got engaged.  We were given a lot of gift vouchers and it was my intention to keep them until we moved into our house together.  However, we desperately needed a new duvet.

I didn’t realise how bad it was until I spent 4 weeks sleeping in my old bed with my nice fluffy duvet only to come back and sleep under our waffer thin sheet!

I used our Marks and Spencer voucher today to buy us a 13.5 tog dreamy duvet.  Oh it’s so comfy!

Tonight should be interesting, I already have enough trouble with Has hogging the covers what’s he going to be like now we have a dreamy duvet!?

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We’ve been engaged a year!!

September 24th, 2009 — 8:26am

This time last year we were in Las Vegas and Has was a bag of nerves!!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Only 408 days to go!!

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