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A catch up

October 27th, 2010 — 9:39pm

Posting from me may be a little sporadic over the next few days, but I promise to pop in frequently to keep you updated.

The last few days have had us reconfirming details with our suppliers.  I’ve emailed a list of group shots over to our photographer Deborah Stott, who said “I’m really looking forward to your day now, I can’t wait!”. I spoke to the DJ after sending him our suggested play list… his words were “This is going to be awesome!” and I emailed our venue with additional numbers for guests and to also ask for buckets of water to be placed outside so we can extinguish our sparklers correctly.  My Dad laughed at me for doing this, saying I was thinking in too much detail… isn’t that the point!?  I don’t want people to be standing around with finished sparklers asking me what they do with them!  Anyway Michelle at Nailcote Hall replied straight away saying everything would be sorted and signed off her email “Not long now!!!!!!”  I love it when our suppliers are as excited as we are!

Tonight we went to see our florist Jennie Cooke to make payment, discuss the plans and to deliver one of our vases for her to practise with and the ribbon we want used to wrap the bouquets.  All went well and Jennie told us she’d call us next week just to check in.

Yesterday Hayley came round and we finished the order of service!!! Yay!!  It wasn’t without incident though Hayley has gone away with two tiny staple holes in her fingers…  I’ll be doing a separate post for the unveiling of the fiddliest wedding project ever!

I’ll also be taking on a few more (yes I know I’m a sucker for punishment!) projects – they’re only small and shouldn’t take me long but will hopefully make a big impact.  I will of course blog about them in due course.

Suzie dress fitting went very well and now all of the girls dresses are with the shop waiting to be steamed ready for me to pick them up on Tuesday.

All very exciting stuff, next week is going to start out very relaxing with nail, hair, facial and body smoother appointments.  I can’t believe we’re approaching the 1 week countdown!

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October 26th, 2010 — 9:44pm

Things have been more than hectic lately and my daily blogging has suffered for it.

The last few weeks have been nothing like I had expected them to be. I have actually felt very overwhelmed, very pressured and tearful. I had expected the last few weeks to be nothing but excitement and girlie giggles but on the contrary it’s all started to weigh on me.

Quite a lot has happened over the last few months, my company went into administration and I was made redundant. I still haven’t received any of my wages, redundancy or notice pay. I’m sure you can imagine with a wedding just days away money is tight enough as it is.

Then sadly we had to say goodbye to our family dog Meg. To lose someone who has been in your life for over 17 years is a huge adjustment, I still forget myself and find myself thinking she’s still with us.

This week thanks to the support of many fabulous friends and family I’m feeling a lot brighter, I want to enjoy the run up as I’ll never experience anything like this again. I’ve been told it’s normal to feel like this, so I should probably stop feeling so guilty about it – which I’ve been worrying about and in turn enhancing the problem!
The way I’ve been feeling completely took me by surprise. Never in a million years would I have guessed I’d feel like this.

The next 10 days are mine to enjoy and cherish, I’ve got a new outlook no more stressing, worrying or fretting. I’m getting married and as long as on the day me, Has and the registrar turn up who cares what else happens!

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17 days

October 19th, 2010 — 9:00am

Things have been a little manic lately, I’m sure you’ll all forgive my lack of online presence I do have a good excuse.  Promise!

I thought I would do a little catch up post for those of you that are interested.

I went for my second facial over the weekend and I’m now addicted, I seriously hope I will win the lottery soon so I can keep up my luxurious habits.  I’ve actually booked myself in for an all over skin smoother just days before the wedding.  I have eared enough points on my Clarins Bonus Card to get the treatment for free.  So not only will be face look radiant but my skin will shine too!

The two youngest bridesmaids have been to their final fitting.  They both look so beautiful!  My youngest cousin Sophie didn’t stop smiling when she had the dress on – she’s adorable.    I can’t believe Natalie is only 14, she looks so much older in this picture! (If not a little moody – she’s convinced her hips look big!?)

We’ve booked several more trips and shows for our honeymoon including the Audio Tour of Alcatraz, a basketball game in Dallas (Celtics vs The Mavericks – which means we’ll get to see Shaquille O’neal play!) and possibly the most exciting event we’ve booked is getting to see Bret Michaels in Atlantic City!

I’m still working on our order of service…(!)  But the table plan is coming along quite nicely!  All the pieces are slowly coming together.

I have my final dress fitting on Thursday and Suzie has hers the following week.  I have quite a few bits and bobs left to buy (including my underwear!) and we’re slowly running out of time.  We only have TWO weekends left.  This weekend we’re travelling down to our friend’s wedding which we are both super excited about and the weekend after we’re going to Wembley for the NFL game.  Despite only working part time I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day to finish everything off!

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1 Month

October 5th, 2010 — 5:39pm

One Month.  31 days.  Cripes!

It’s now crunch time, the option to say “I’ll do it later” is no more.  I have 4 weeks in which to finish off everything before the wedding.

Since my last monthly to do list we’ve really cranked it up a notch and have ticked quite a few things off our list.  We’ve met with our venue Nailcote Hall to discuss the order of the day, our menu preferences and other small details.  I had my first dress fitting, we’ve paid for the majority of our suppliers, Natalie and Sophie had their dress fittings, some of the male members of our wedding party have been fitted for their suits.  We ordered and received our wedding rings and have confirmed readings, vows and music with the registry office.

I have also designed our table names, made a start on the table plan and finished the chalkboard place cards.

We still have a fair few jobs left to finish before we can relax.  The order of services have probably been, along with the invitations, one of our biggest projects.  They are still a work in progress but I can see a (just about!) a light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve also had to find a new seamstress to wok on my dress (you can read about all the fuss here) thankfully my friends mom has stepped in offering her help – hooray!

The two older bridesmaids Hayley and Suzie have their first fittings on Thursday and I’ve visiting Costco tomorrow to buy the favours and sweets for our candy tables.  I’ve made a start on the favour boxes but once I have the chocolate favours I can finish them off.

I have a few more bits and pieces to work on and errands to run, like picking the stickers off all our centrepieces vases (!) collecting, fetching, fitting, sticking, and paying.  You know the usual stuff!  I also want to write up a few scheduled posts so the blog isn’t neglected over the wedding/honeymoon stretch.  Thankfully I also have a further 2 heavenly facials booked in, so if it does get a little too hectic I have the perfect way to unwind.

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2 years

September 24th, 2010 — 10:02am

We have been engaged for 2 years.

2 years ago at the Grand Canyon, days after Has got down on one knee

The other night Has asked me if it has felt like 2 years, he was surprised by my answer as I said yes! More even!

Has and I would always talk about marriage and our future, from very early on in our relationship we knew we were going to be together – yes I know how cliché and cheesy that sounds but that’s how we both felt.  I can remember spending our lunch breaks together sitting in Birmingham City Centre discussing what our dream wedding would be like, we’d discuss details like where and when, who my bridesmaids would be and who he would ask to be best men.

Now we’re 6 weeks away from the wedding and I feel like I’ve been planning it for years - part of me will really miss the wedding buzz.  I have enjoyed every single moment of being the bride-to-be.  The evenings spent with my closest family and friends creating all the details for our day.  The shopping, finding bargains and winning competitions.  Having late night chats with Has imagining what our day will be like.  I’ve loved writing this blog immensely and I can’t imagine not logging in every day to write up a new post.

Then there is the other part of me, the bigger part that can not wait to be married.  I can’t wait to be a wife and a Mrs.  I can’t wait for our wedding day,  spending 3 weeks alone together on our honeymoon and then the rest of our lives!


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2 Months

September 13th, 2010 — 10:33am

With all the excitement I had completely forgotten to do my 2 month countdown to do list!

We have managed to sort out quite a lot since my last to do post.  Invitations day and evening have been sent out.

We’ve booked our Dallas hotel plus quite a few honeymoon events.  I’ve also created our honeymoon itinerary and bought our travel insurance.  We had an evening tasting potential dishes at Nailcote Hall and finally decided on our menu.

We also managed to tick a few more things off our list including choosing and ordering the wedding party suits and I had my hair trial.

So for September…

  • Finish the Chrysler Building Order of Services.  I have quite a few cut out already but I now need to complete the actual booklet that goes inside.  I’ve done the design it’s now just a matter of filling in the details.
  • Have first dress fitting!!!!!!!!!
  • Attend meeting with Nailcote Hall to discuss all the finer details including our menu choices, number of guests, how the day will run and to find out any questions we have.
  • Arrange appointments for the bridesmaids to have their dresses fitted.
  • Organise our table plan.
  • Buy wedding underwear.
  • Make up favour boxes and buy chocolates to go inside.
  • Pay Registry Office!!!
  • Confirm music, vows and readings.
  • Chase outstanding evening RSVPs

We’re getting close now, things are starting to feel a little more real now.  I think once I have my wedding dress on at my fitting it will really hit me!

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I know the wedding is getting closer when…

September 12th, 2010 — 4:38pm
Just for fun, and to freak myself out a little…
I know the wedding is getting closer when…
  • The journey time to and from work goes from a 20 minute commute to a hellish hour crawl, as the kids are back at school.
  • The dark nights begin earlier and earlier every day.
  • I have to start wearing my autumn coat.
  • Friends start discussing details like how they will get to the venue.
  • After saying “Hello” the next comment people usually make is “wow the wedding is close you must be really excited!”
  • Realising there are only 2 more pay days before the wedding… yikes!
  • Guests tell me they’ve sorted out their outfit.
  • Supermarkets and shops are stocking up for Halloween and Christmas (Really! Tesco’s today had selection boxes!?)
  • Our tour operator has sent us details through regarding time changes to our honeymoon flights and have pestered us for advanced customer information.
  • My first hen party is just days away…!
  • The due dates for full payment for our suppliers loom ever closer.
  • I have my first dress fitting in 3 days.
  • Has tells me he’s having wedding dreams.
  • I’m buy birthday and Christmas presents in advance so it’s not a rush when we get back from honeymoon.
  • My heart flutters when I think about walking down the aisle.

54 days

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3 Months

August 5th, 2010 — 11:10am

During the first few months of being engaged I used to say things to myself like “I wonder how I’ll feel with 3 months to go” or “This time next year we’ll only have a few months to go before the wedding!

Well “3 months to go” is here.  From out of no where the wedding seems to be very close… too close I still have loads to do and sort out! eek!

Last month in between festivals, weddings and birthdays we actually managed to achieve quite a bit from my last “to do” list.

Chalkboard place card hearts have been sanded and ribbon has been attached (Thanks to my Mom!) Painting project completed.  We had our pre-wedding shoot and created our guest book photo album using our photos.  Also by a stroke of luck found shoes for 3 of the bridesmaids!

Very productive.

For August we need to step up our game…

  • Invitations HAVE to be completed and sent by the start of next week.  NO room for delays!
  • Evening invitations have to be finished and addressed by the end of the month, ready to be sent in the first 2 weeks of September.
  • Buy my wedding underwear.  I have my first dress fitting (eeek) in September so I want to know what I’ll be wearing underneath.
  • Book our Dallas hotel
  • Compile a honeymoon itinerary.  We have so many flights to catch I want all of our information secure in one place so we know where we have to be and when.  We’ll also do a pack for the mothers so they can track us at all times ;)
  • Buy travel insurance 9oops something we should have done a while ago!)
  • Start to make up favour boxes and store them ready to be decorated and filled with goodies.
  • Start to collect treats for the children’s entertainment bags.
  • Continue cutting out the Chrysler Building order of services
  • Speak to a few suppliers (Venue and florist) about booking appointments so we can confirm small details and what will happen on the day.
  • Celebrate our birthdays!!  Both Has and I are August babies and just because we have a wedding to plan doesn’t mean we can’t make time to eat cake, get drunk and sing Happy Birthday to each other!

Happy August everyone – enjoy the rest of the summer (!?) before we know it September will be here with it’s cooler breezes and darker evenings! x

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3 more pay days

July 29th, 2010 — 11:57am

Last night in between cutting out Chrysler Buildings, Has and I sat down and worked out our finances.  A task I detest, I’ve never really been good at maths – number scare me, they’re mean!

We worked out all of our monthly outgoings that were essential, like our phone bills, direct debits, car insurance, petrol and food costs then worked out how much we are actually left with each month once we’ve been paid.

We did this for the next three months (Only 3 more pay packets?!) and then took away our total left to save from the over all amount of available money.

Fine.  We can cope with that.  THEN we thought about all the events, birthdays and weddings we’d be attending before the wedding…. ok, a little tighter but completely manageable.

Throughout the wedding planning we’ve been very good at hoarding our pennies which means we only have a small amount left to save.  Working out exactly where our cash goes every month has allowed us to see what “free” money we have after transferring our savings into a separate account.

Of course there will be hidden extras that crop up, however organised you think you are something you haven’t thought about will need paying.

I read a post a few weeks ago from Emma at Cake for Breakfast, where she talks about the unexpected extras that can take you by surprise towards the end of your wedding journey like airport hotels, hair appointments and honeymoon wardrobe.    I can totally relate to everything Emma has said for instance today £18 *poof* gone on envelopes!  Who’d have thought envelopes could cost so much!  Obviously that’s only a small cost in the scheme of things but at this stage every penny counts!

I’m hoping we have thought of most things and that nothing huge will pop up to surprise us!  Please!

Budgeting for a wedding

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100 days

July 28th, 2010 — 11:39am

Some how this happened…

Feels like only yesterday I was writing this post and only last week for this one, and this one, well I remember writing that one very clearly!

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