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Thank you cupcakes

August 4th, 2010 — 10:27pm

To say thank you to my friend Steven, for helping me sort out this ‘ere blog (without his HTML magic I could never have made the move to WordPress)  I made him a selection of cupcakes.

Vanilla and Oreo cupcakes.

I’ve never made Oreo cupcakes before, so I was a little nervous about how they would turn out… no need they are major yummers! ( I made the fail-safe Vanilla cupcakes in case the Oreo ones came out horribly wrong, then I would a least have something to give to Steven!)

I’m pretty sure Steven is happy with his treats… his tweet says so anyway!  Thanks again Nashie!

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Cupcakes in a jar

July 26th, 2010 — 11:19am

Have you seen these?

Cupcakes in a jar as favours

A fabulously cute cupcake favour idea from My Cakies

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Cupcake Decorating Workshop

May 28th, 2010 — 10:41am

Last night me and Suzie joined Sarah in her Blue Door Bakery for a lesson in swirls, sugar shapes and sprinkles. It was pure cupcake heaven!

As well as me and Suzie, 5 other ladies joined us including Louise who writes a food blog Comida yVida.  We all sat round a table full of cutters, gel colourings, spatulas, rollers and sprinkles in every shape, size and colour you could imagine.

We learnt about sugar paste and we able to use different gel colours to create beautiful shapes from the dozens of cutters she had.  (Sarah had made a purple sprinkles section for me to sit next to!)  These were mine and Suzie’s creations.

Can you guess which ones were mine!!?

Sarah taught us how to make the best tasting fondant and butter cream icing and then how to create perfect peaks and rose swirls.

We each had 12 cupcakes to decorate with our icing, sugar shapes and sprinkles.  It was so much fun!  We even had the chance to fill our cupcakes with a chocolate ganache Sarah had made earlier, yum!

Look how proud we are!

A closer look at our cupcakes, mine…


You’ll see Suzie perfected the rose swirl, a lot better than my attempts!  We had such a fun time and I would definitely recommend a workshop to anyone who loves cupcakes and baking.

Suzie and I also left with a cupcake decorating kit, which includes loads of goodies needed to recreate these decorations at home.  You can buy these online or when you attend one of these workshops.

Thank you Sarah for being a wonderful host and teacher… I want to do it all again!!

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Guess where I’ll be tonight?!

May 27th, 2010 — 1:50pm


Hopefully making gorgeous looking cupcakes at the Blue Door Bakery Decorating Workshop  I can’t tell you how excited I am!

I shall post the outcome tomorrow….!

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Win a Cupcake Decorating Workshop!

May 14th, 2010 — 10:02am

Blue Door Bakery are offering a free Cupcake Decorating Workshop voucher to one very lucky winner.  Visit the Blue Door Bakery Facebook page to enter!

Competition closes at midday on the 18th May 2010

I’m booked in to one of these amazing workshops at the end of May and I seriously can.not.wait!

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Bride and Groom Cupcakes

February 25th, 2010 — 4:02pm

As we’re not having a traditional wedding cake we don’t really think the traditional bride and groom statue on top of the cake will look right.  Saying that I still want the cupcake tower to look like a wedding cake, I want our guests to instantly recognise that as our cake and not just dessert!  We’re having white icing and keeping the purple sprinkles subtle, so hopefully this will help, but I’ve been thinking of having bride and groom cupcakes.

I’ve seen quite a few of these around and think they look really cute.  I’m not 100% sure on what to have yet but I love these ideas.

Top Left: Super cute pirate and ballerina toppers the bride found at a local knick knack store.  This is such a sweet idea but I’m not really sure of what I would have on my cupcake?

Top Right: Sugar icing circles with the bride and groom’s initials.  I really like this idea and may go with something in between this and the bottom right photo.  I’d love the idea of having a purple sugar heart with our initials either iced or embossed on to it.

The bride and groom toppers in the bottom left photo are traditional with a twist.  I love these but have no idea where to get hold of them?!

Not only will this help people identify the tower as the wedding cake, I think it will ensure Has and I actually get a cupcake!  I have visions of them all being gobbled up before we get chance to enjoy one.

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Magnolia Bakery

February 23rd, 2010 — 5:05pm

Made famous by Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery has opened up a new stand in Grand Central Station.  When ever we’ve been to New York we always say we’ll go to one of the stores but as of yet we still have not tried one of these famous little cupcakes!

from here, here and here

Seeing as we’re usually based around Grand Central Station and tend to hop on and hop off the subway stop there we shall have no excuse not to drop in for a few cupcakes on our honeymoon!

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Cupcake class is in session!

February 18th, 2010 — 3:06pm

The very lovely and very talented Sarah at Blue Door Bakery is opening her kitchen doors for cupcake decorating classes!

I love baking cupcakes but even more than that I love decorating them! As soon as Suzie is back from her honeymoon I intend to grab a date in Sarah’s diary and meet up to learn all about sprinkles and swirls. Too exciting!

Who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to create amazing cupcakes like this?!

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February? Already!

February 2nd, 2010 — 2:49pm

Wow!  Time is flying by!

I’ve been looking at my “to do” list I made at the start of the year to make sure I’m on track.  So far I’m doing pretty well.
I’ve made my hair appointment for the wedding day, looked at potential hair styles for me and my bridesmaids, I met Sarah from Blue Door Bakery and spoke extensively about cupcakes, emailed my friends about “Hen and the City” and booked our flights from San Francisco to Oahu!

Well today I crossed off two more things from my list.

First of all I registered our gift list with John Lewis, we don’t have to decide on what we want yet but at least it’s all set up ready for us to zap our way around the shop!

Has: “What does this do?
Laura: “I have no idea?  Lets get it!

Also today I sent off our deposit to Sarah at Blue Door Bakery to confirm our booking for our yummy wedding cupcake tower!

This is the tower we saw at the wedding fayre at Stone Manor Hotel.  Ours will look really similar but with a giant cupcake on top!

I want to try and make the chalkboard placecards this month too, I now have all the things I need after buying 4 more packs of wooden hearts from Hobbycraft this weekend, so there’s nothing really stopping me!

Last night Has found the flights for Honolulu to Anchorage, Anchorage to Seattle and Seattle to New York so we should be able to get those booked up soon too!  Full steam ahead!

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Blue Door Delicious!

January 24th, 2010 — 8:21pm

Today I met Sarah from Blue Door Bakery at Stone Manor Hotel’s Wedding Fayre.  I got to see her gorgeous cupcakes in the flesh and let me tell you they we’re amazing!  Just standing by the stall talking to her we could smell them!
Sarah had two arrangements one was an 80 vanilla cupcake tower with purple embellishments, including purple and laser cut cake cases and another made entirely from chocolate, crowning the chocolatey tower was a rather impressive giant cupcake.  The presentation of each cake is perfect.  You can tell Sarah obviously puts in a lot of care and effort.

After I had introduced myself to Sarah she said “Oh I have something for you!” and pulled out a little cupcake gift box from under the table!  So sweet!
Not only do they look and smell absolutely delicious they taste incredible!  The cakes are so light and fluffy and the frosting is heavenly!  My words seriously can not do these cakes justice.  You really have to try them for yourselves!
Needless to say the first thing I did when I got home, aside from devouring the cakes, was to email Sarah with the nitty gritty details of ordering these for our wedding.  Our guests really are in for a tasty treat!

It was lovely to meet you Sarah and thanks again for the scrummy cakes!  x

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