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What did the bridesmaids get?

December 7th, 2010 — 11:27am

So you know about how I made each bridesmaid a box to hide their presents inside, but what did I actually get them?  I’ll tell you!

Each bridesmaid received a pearl drop necklace, along with a pair of beautiful pearl and crystal drop earrings from Yarwood White to wear on the day.

Sophie and Natalie also had a delicate pearl bracelet with a tiny silver heart charm.  Sophie doesn’t have her ears pierced so I bought her a booked called “When I was a Bridesmaid” and a small digital camera so she could remember all the details about her day.

As well as the jewellery I wanted to get them something a little extra, Hayley received a blue crocheted scarf from warehouse and Suzie had a selection of cupcake decorations and “moo” spatula from Funky Muffin.  All the girls also had a set of really cute magnets that spelt out their names from a really sweet Etsy seller called HollieLollie.

My Mom’s boss Deb also very generously knitted the girls a beautiful shawl each.  Thank you Deb x

My bridesmaids were all so wonderful and I really wanted to treat them, hopefully the jewellery is something they can wear again and again and each time they do, they can remember how fabulously wonderful they were for us on our wedding day! x

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Gifts: Making the boxes

November 11th, 2010 — 9:00am

As well as spoiling my bridesmaids with lovely thank you gifts, I wanted to be able to present them beautifully – I had a number of ideas but my love of DIY and chalkboard paint made this the front runner.

I bought 4 cardboard boxes from hobby craft and 2 pots of paint in two shades of purple.  Darker for the older and lighter for the younger.  Back when the weather was a lot warmer Mom and I set about painting the boxes.

Once happy we then spray painted the lids with chalkboard paint.

It wasn’t long before the boxes and lids were dry and I was able to personalise them.

I wrote each girls name on the lid of the box, then they were ready for filling!

I loved the way the boxes turned out and I love the fact they can be used again – in fact in each box I wrapped up 2 pieces of chalk so the girls can doodle on their lids!

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October 7th, 2010 — 10:02pm

Today was Suzie and Hayley’s fitting for there dresses.  I can not tell you just how much I love our bridesmaids dresses and how amazing all the girls look in them.  The photos I have taken honestly do not do them justice.

Only minor alterations needed, thankfully!  I can’t wait to see them both all glammed up, sparkling on the day.

Beautiful, beautiful ladies!

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Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

September 13th, 2010 — 1:02pm

Had a very exciting call last week to say our bridesmaids dresses were in.  So on Saturday me and Suzie drove over to Wedding Belles of Four Oaks to see them.

I was slightly nervous having only seen the dresses in red and also choosing the two shades of purple from tiny swatches, but I need not have worried.  They’re beyond beautiful!

Sophie and Natalie are wearing the light shade on the left and Suzie and Hayley will be wearing the darker shade on the right

Despite not having made an appointment Melanie and Clare were more than happy to see us and  help Suzie into the dress.

I think you’ll all agree Suzie looks amazing!

I absolutely love them and can’t wait to see all the girls in their dresses.  The two shades of purple work so well together and thankfully the shoes we have look fab with the colours too.  All seems a bit real now!

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They’re In!

September 10th, 2010 — 10:52am

Had a call yesterday from the very lovely Claire from Wedding Belles to say our bridesmaid dresses are in!  She knew of my worries about picking the colours from two tiny swatches but she has assured me the two colours look great together!

I’m so excited to see them!  We’ll hopefully be going to see them this weekend or next.  Just to re-cap this is Hayley modelling the dress in red!

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August 2nd, 2010 — 8:25pm

We have seriously been spoilt lately!

Hayley came to see me the other week with an unexpected gift for us… wrapped delicately in tissue paper were two beautiful purple champagne glasses

Love them!!

Then last week Suzie surprised us with this

A box full of American sweets and chocolates – just look at all those goodies!  She also gave us a card decorated with one of our pictures from our photo shoot and a “99 days to go” message!

I do believe I have the best bridesmaids. In the world. Ever!

Love you both very much xxx

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We have shoes!

July 21st, 2010 — 11:25am

… or at least 3 of the bridesmaids do!

I saw them in New Look last week and quickly sent a link to all the girls desperately asking “Do you like?  What do you think?  Should I get them”  The response from all the girls… “Yes! Go, go, go!”

So I did!

The lady behind the sales desk in New Look did look at me slightly odd and asked why I was buying so many pairs of the same shoe in different size.  A huge smile spread across my face and I proudly explained “They’re for my bridesmaids!”

I’m really happy with the shoes, I thought we were going to have a game trying to find a suitable shoe and these tick so many boxes.  The only problem I can foresee is that they are actually wide shoes, so the sizes come up a little big.  But as Suzie pointed out they’ll all be wearing party feet and for £14 a pair I couldn’t really pass them up!

I was saying to Has after I bought them, I can’t believe we’re at that stage in the planning journey where I have to think about buying accessories and shoes!  It must mean the wedding is close…… ;)

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We have bridesmaid’s dresses!!

May 24th, 2010 — 9:07am

Saturday was such a lovely day.  I had planned for Suzie and Hayley to come round in the morning and we had lunch in the garden.  We weather has been beautiful, so it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy our weight watcher friendly lunch of low fat pizza, quiche and salad followed by strawberries, jelly, meringue and cream all washed down with squash and a pot of tea.

We then picked up Natalie and Sophie and went to Wedding Belles to order the dresses! Yay!

Hayley hadn’t seen the dress in the flesh so I was really excited to see her in it.  She looked beautiful of course!

We’ve ordered them in Amethyst for the two older bridesmaids Suzie and Hayley and the younger girls Natalie and Sophie are wearing them in Plum.  It’s very difficult choosing the colours from tiny swatches but we managed to find similar colours from other dresses the store had to make our decision.
The ladies in the store have been absolutely wonderful.  The first time we went they both dedicated all their time to us and made suggestions when we needed them but stood back to let us make our own decisions and didn’t give us the hard sell which I have found some shop assistants to do.  They are ordering me some swatches to keep of the colours we have picked which will be a huge help when it comes to matching shoes, plus it’s nice to have something to keep until the dresses arrive.
Another big tick off the list!

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May 4th, 2010 — 11:26am

We’re 99.99% sure we’ve found the bridesmaids dresses.

We went to a shop called Wedding Belles on Saturday and totally exhausted their range of Dessy and Ebony Rose dresses.  As me and Hayley are similar in size I tried on a few dresses as she couldn’t be there.

For me it came down to two dresses.  One was by Dessy* and the other was Emma by Ebony Rose.

Emma just seemed to fit all of our criteria.  I love how different and flattering the neck line is, the diamanté brooch is a stunning extra that just makes the dress.  It’s a corset back which will accentuate the girls’ waists and the side ruching will hide any areas they’re not confident about.
We’ve made an appointment to go back to the shop so Hayley can try it on and give us her opinion.  I’ve also been emailing other local stockist to find out their best price.  I’m going to see whether I can get a small discount on the dresses should I pay in full by the end of May.
So excited!  I felt like crying on our way home from the shop – it’s such a huge weight lifted from my mind!
* The Dessy dress was stunning, ultimately it came down the the style which was going to suit all of the girls. Emma also comes in a junior size which we are having for Sophie.

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More Bridesmaid dress shopping.

April 19th, 2010 — 9:53am

Good Morning!  Good weekends?

I dragged my poor bridesmaids around shopping again on Saturday.  We visited Bridal Gowns of Droitwich.  They have a really good offer on at the moment which would mean we’d get a dress free.

We found one dress by Hillary Morgan that impressed everyone.  It’s a little different to the styles the girls have tried on before and I have to be honest that I wasn’t particularly enamoured with it when I saw it on the hanger.  Once the girls had it on it looked completely different.

The pictures I’ve found of it don’t really do it any justice.  It’s so difficult trying to envisage how a dress will look when it fits or when it’s been made in the right colour.

The original picture of the dress can be found here.  I’ve made very crude mock ups of the dresses in the similar colours we would have just to get you’re opinions.

Similar colours to what the older two bridesmaids would wear
Similar colours to what the younger two bridesmaids would wear.
They do offer a younger style dress with straps for my youngest cousin Sophie to wear.  She did look very sweet, swooshing around in her dress.
So what do you think to these?  Yay or Nay?  Love it or hate it?  Not sure?  Either way I’d love to know!

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