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October 7th, 2010 — 10:02pm

Today was Suzie and Hayley’s fitting for there dresses.  I can not tell you just how much I love our bridesmaids dresses and how amazing all the girls look in them.  The photos I have taken honestly do not do them justice.

Only minor alterations needed, thankfully!  I can’t wait to see them both all glammed up, sparkling on the day.

Beautiful, beautiful ladies!

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Dress Fitting

September 15th, 2010 — 3:28pm

Today was my first dress fitting.

I have to admit I was very nervous and almost dreading it.  Finding my dream dress was a struggle from the word go.  I detested dress shopping and really didn’t enjoy the whole experience.  When I found my dress it was a huge relief, I’d worked myself up so much about finding the prefect dress that I was convinced I wouldn’t find one I was 100% completely in love with and I’d have to settle.

So as today loomed closer I started to question my decision.  Did I love it as much as I thought I did, or did I just settle?  I have pictures of my dress and for the last few weeks I have studied them assuring myself that I do still feel the same way.

When I arrived my dress was hanging up in the changing room.  Even from looking at it on the hanger I knew I still loved it.  I put it on with the help of the shop assistant and stared at myself whilst she did up the back.  My waist looked tiny and I sparkled.  I caught a glimpse of my smile in the mirror and knew I had the right dress on.

Purple shoes on, I walked out of the changing room and tried not to look at anyone directly for fear of crying!  I stood in front of the full length mirror and twirled and smiled and sparkled.

The seamstress came over and said I would need to have around ½cm taken off the front of the dress.  She spent ages pinning the bottom and asked me to walk around the shop to check the length, not that I minded I loved wearing it.

When it came time to take the dress off, we noticed that a few crystals and beads were missing and that there was also a little red mark.  We pointed these out to the shop assistant and she said that it wasn’t a problem and that everything would be sorted.

This is where the story turns bad.  When I came to organise my second fitting I noticed the standard price for alterations was £145.  Not really believing they could charge me so much for ½cm from the hem I asked them about it only to be told it was the standard price and nothing could be done to change it.  I have flat out refused to pay £145 for someone to adjust the hem, when in all honesty it is wearable at the length it is now.

As it stands now, the shop are going to replace the missing crystals, remove the mark and steam the dress ready for us to collect next week.  It’s up to me now to decide whether it needs altering at all.  I will have to take it to another seamstress anyway to add a bustle to the dress so I will probably get a second opinion.

It just infuriates me that they think they can get away with charging so much for a tiny alteration.  I would have understood if I was having a lot of work done to the dress or something more complicated or delicate, but it seems an obscene amount of money for something quite straight forward.

I am now faced with the questions on where to store my dress, whether I do in fact have it altered and if so who can I get to do it.  I am going to speak to the ladies at the store I bought my bridesmaid dresses from and seek their advice, I’m wondering whether their seamstress would be willing to help me out.  Fingers Crossed.

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1 year and 7 months ago…

September 14th, 2010 — 12:12pm

I bought my dress.

Saturday 28th February 2009 was the date that I placed the order for my dress to be made.  Saturday 28th February 2009 was the last time I had my dress on.

On the Friday 11th September 2009  I had a call to say my dress was in the shop, I went to see my beautiful dress and stared at her hanging up.   It was then that I made an appointment for my first dress fitting.  Wednesday 15th September 2010.  Tomorrow.

The shop dress and the only one I’ve ever tried on is a completely different colour to the dress I have ordered.  I’ve never ever actually tried on MY dress.  Tomorrow I will try on my wedding dress for the first time ever and I’m so nervous!  I know I still love it and I know it’s still “the one” but I can still feel butterflies in my belly when I think about putting it on.

I think the moment I put the dress on and stand in front of the mirror, it’s going to hit me as to just how close the wedding really is.

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Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

September 13th, 2010 — 1:02pm

Had a very exciting call last week to say our bridesmaids dresses were in.  So on Saturday me and Suzie drove over to Wedding Belles of Four Oaks to see them.

I was slightly nervous having only seen the dresses in red and also choosing the two shades of purple from tiny swatches, but I need not have worried.  They’re beyond beautiful!

Sophie and Natalie are wearing the light shade on the left and Suzie and Hayley will be wearing the darker shade on the right

Despite not having made an appointment Melanie and Clare were more than happy to see us and  help Suzie into the dress.

I think you’ll all agree Suzie looks amazing!

I absolutely love them and can’t wait to see all the girls in their dresses.  The two shades of purple work so well together and thankfully the shoes we have look fab with the colours too.  All seems a bit real now!

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They’re In!

September 10th, 2010 — 10:52am

Had a call yesterday from the very lovely Claire from Wedding Belles to say our bridesmaid dresses are in!  She knew of my worries about picking the colours from two tiny swatches but she has assured me the two colours look great together!

I’m so excited to see them!  We’ll hopefully be going to see them this weekend or next.  Just to re-cap this is Hayley modelling the dress in red!

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Suited and Booted!

September 7th, 2010 — 9:30am

Saturday was a very productive day, not only did I have my hair trial we also found and ordered the suits.  We went to Slaters with an idea of what we wanted.  No tails, no cravats.  Modern.

So what did we choose?

Tails… with a cravat!

It just looked right when the men tried it on.  I think we’ve still managed to keep the look quite modern whilst making the wedding party look distinguished.  Has and my Dad tried on the suits and they both looked so handsome.  We all fell in love with the look instantly.

I’m not going to post a picture of Has in his suit, just like I won’t post a picture of me in my dress.  But because I’m not that mean, here is my Dad rockin’ the tails!

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We have bridesmaid’s dresses!!

May 24th, 2010 — 9:07am

Saturday was such a lovely day.  I had planned for Suzie and Hayley to come round in the morning and we had lunch in the garden.  We weather has been beautiful, so it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy our weight watcher friendly lunch of low fat pizza, quiche and salad followed by strawberries, jelly, meringue and cream all washed down with squash and a pot of tea.

We then picked up Natalie and Sophie and went to Wedding Belles to order the dresses! Yay!

Hayley hadn’t seen the dress in the flesh so I was really excited to see her in it.  She looked beautiful of course!

We’ve ordered them in Amethyst for the two older bridesmaids Suzie and Hayley and the younger girls Natalie and Sophie are wearing them in Plum.  It’s very difficult choosing the colours from tiny swatches but we managed to find similar colours from other dresses the store had to make our decision.
The ladies in the store have been absolutely wonderful.  The first time we went they both dedicated all their time to us and made suggestions when we needed them but stood back to let us make our own decisions and didn’t give us the hard sell which I have found some shop assistants to do.  They are ordering me some swatches to keep of the colours we have picked which will be a huge help when it comes to matching shoes, plus it’s nice to have something to keep until the dresses arrive.
Another big tick off the list!

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May 4th, 2010 — 11:26am

We’re 99.99% sure we’ve found the bridesmaids dresses.

We went to a shop called Wedding Belles on Saturday and totally exhausted their range of Dessy and Ebony Rose dresses.  As me and Hayley are similar in size I tried on a few dresses as she couldn’t be there.

For me it came down to two dresses.  One was by Dessy* and the other was Emma by Ebony Rose.

Emma just seemed to fit all of our criteria.  I love how different and flattering the neck line is, the diamanté brooch is a stunning extra that just makes the dress.  It’s a corset back which will accentuate the girls’ waists and the side ruching will hide any areas they’re not confident about.
We’ve made an appointment to go back to the shop so Hayley can try it on and give us her opinion.  I’ve also been emailing other local stockist to find out their best price.  I’m going to see whether I can get a small discount on the dresses should I pay in full by the end of May.
So excited!  I felt like crying on our way home from the shop – it’s such a huge weight lifted from my mind!
* The Dessy dress was stunning, ultimately it came down the the style which was going to suit all of the girls. Emma also comes in a junior size which we are having for Sophie.

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Dress Stress!

September 17th, 2009 — 10:15am

Arguably the most important wedding purchase would be the dress!

After getting engaged in the September I wasted no time in flicking through bridal magazines and designers websites to decide which style of dress i liked… wow there’s so much choice! A line, mermaid, full skirt, Sleeves? No Sleeves? Strapless? Oh my gosh it all sounds so confusing. So i did what i usually do in these situations, i put it to the back of my mind and didn’t look at wedding dresses again! That was until i came across a thread on a wedding forum where a bride was showing off pictures from her wedding. She had worn the Sassi Holford dress “Hayley”. Wow! The dress is absolutely beautiful, I managed to track down a stockist and thought I’d ring up to see whether they had it in stock… they did. “Would you like to book an appointment to try the dress on?” the lady asked. Oh! Do i really want to? It’s a bit early isn’t it? i thought. My mouth replied for me “Yes!”

So off i went early and excited one Saturday morning with my Mom and best friend and bridesmaid Suzie. The lady in the shop suggested I try on a number of different styles and save the “Hayley” dress until last, so I did. After a few undignified minutes in the changing room standing in my smalls with a lady I’d only just met, i stumbled out of the changing room and looked in the mirror.

People told me I would enjoy this experience, spending the day with my mom and girlfriends prancing around in gorgeous dresses with that princess feeling. I however felt the furthest thing from a princess. All i saw were my hips. Do they really look that big!

Dress after dress my enthusiasm and smile were wilting, shouldn’t this be more fun?! Trying to perk myself up I remembered I still hadn’t tried on the “Hayley” dress. Surely this beautiful dress would lift my spirits? As I stepped out of the changing room I looked in the mirror with some trepidation. My heart sank. This beautiful dress did nothing for me. The shape of the dress was wrong and I looked like I was 5 years old attending a little girls birthday party dressed in my best.

So I left the dress shop feeling disappointed. Mom and Suzie did their best to try and cheer me up offering words of encouragement, but I couldn’t help feeling betrayed by all those things I had read about it being one of the best experiences a girl can have and felt bitter towards those women who had loved the first dress they tried on. Why couldn’t that be me?

Over the next few months I searched through more websites and magazines and encouraged myself to try on a number of different styles, none of which suited me. I began to hate trying on wedding dresses. The whole thing was hanging over me, what if I never found my dress, I would be walking down the aisle in my jeans! Even though I still had over a year until the wedding I knew that if I didn’t keep searching for the dress I was not going to be able to enjoy the wedding planning.

Whilst browsing the internet one boring afternoon at work I came across the Justin Alexander website, one dress jumped out at me and I promptly emailed the link to my mom. “hmmm I’m not sure I like the colour” was her reply. The dress on the website was shown in the colour “Coffee” but also came in a “Natural” I put the dress to the back of my mind but bookmarked the page.

That Saturday we visited another bridal shop and when trawling through the racks I saw the Justin Alexander dress. I had to try it on! Again we had lined up a number of dresses to try on including a dress by Maggie Sottero. My mom fell in love the moment I stepped out of the changing room, I wasn’t so convinced, something wasn’t right. I tried on the Justin Alexander dress and I loved how it made me feel. The material was light the bodice was gorgeous, my waist looked tiny and I felt really good about it. My mom was still blinded by the colour and the fact that she liked the Maggie Sottero dress, so we left. It wasn’t until we got home that we realized my friend Lauren, who was getting married before me, had actually chosen the Maggie Sottero dress for her wedding. So that one was out!

Throughout the week I kept looking at the Justin Alexander dress and actually started to refer to it as “My Dress” I made my mind up to go and try it on again. So off we all went to the bridal shop, I smiled when I saw it again and couldn’t wait to get it on. This was a good sign. I floated out of the changing room and stood in front of the mirror. Then came the tears! I knew I had found my dress, my mom after seeing how happy I was instantly fell in love with the dress and cried along with me, soon enough all of us were in tears including the sales lady!

After months of searching, disappointment and upset I had found MY dress, the dress I was going to walk down the aisle in, the dress I was going to say “I do” in and the dress I was going to wear on the happiest day of my life.

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