About me

I recently married my best friend, but before that I blogged about being the bride to be.  I blogged a lot!  I started because I wanted somewhere to record my experiences, good and bad.  Writing my daily diary helped me a lot, I’m a lists kinda-girl and find it easier to remember things if they are written down.  Now the wedding is over, does that mean the blogging has to stop?  I hope not I enjoy it too much!

So, Me.. who am I?

I’m a girl who values family and friends greatly.  My brother only has to look at me and my sides are aching from laughing so much.  A cup of tea (preferably Yorkshire Gold) and a fleecy blanket is enough to make me happy.  I love spaghetti, but hate mushrooms.  I have an overwhelming fear of needles, so much so that I become confrontational when faced with one but don’t seem to have a problem with being tattooed.

Clowns and people dressed as animals or mascots freak me out, unless they’re Disney characters.  I become obsessive when I find a TV series I like, nothing else matters but CSI (at the moment anyway, before that it was Sex and the City and before that Alias)  I love classic rock and seeing live music, especially festivals.  I made a 30 before 30 list but I’m not sure I’ll achieve everything on it. I love making things, baking cakes, creating cards and DIYed a lot of elements we used for our wedding.  My career so far has been in Graphic Design and Marketing, and would love nothing more than to run a stationery business but lack the confidence to start.

I would love to one day live in New York, but fear I would miss my family and friends too much.  New York is one of my favourite places in the World, but don’t think it would have the same appeal if Has wasn’t with me.  I love sunbathing, but my pale skin hates it.  Prickly heat plagues me when ever I attempt to get a tan.  I cry at adverts and laugh at humour meant for children.  Has and I fell in love over conversations in Starbucks about children’s cartoons.   Photos make me happy, I’m surrounded by frames full of memories.  When I used to live at home I had an entire wall in my bedroom covered in photographs.  I love the time in the morning when I drive Has to work.  I’ll never be able to explain in words just how I felt on our wedding day.

I’m a girl who is addicted to Twitter and believe it has been an invaluable tool in planning our wedding, you will usually find me there or here.  If not definitely via email.  Laura@purpleandpearls.co.uk