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You may (or may not) have noticed things have been very quiet on the pages of Purple and Pearls recently and to be honest I have no excuses other than I had lost my drive for blogging.  So instead of filling posts with moans, groans and other such drivel I decided to take a step back.

Until today. I logged on for the first time in a while and read through some of my earlier posts and it made me realise how much I miss blogging.  There have been stages throughout my blog journey where I thought I was blogging for any readers I might have, but going through my posts – especially my recollections of our wedding and honeymoon have made me so thankful that I did sit down and write a blow my blow account of two of the most amazing experiences of my life.  So from now on I am most definitely blogging for myself.

Quite a bit has happened since I last sat down to write, I have left a job that was very bad for me and I have started a new position that I am loving.  I used to dread the drive into work, my heart would thunder through my chest when I received a new email, I was constantly on edge, unable to switch off and I am ashamed to say that I had to rush to the bathroom on more than one occasion to hide the tears streaming down my face.  Happily that is a very distant memory and I now work for a successful, well-known home catalogue company with a lovely team of people.

I attribute most of my lackluster to that job.

Purple and Pearls Designs is going well and I am about to launch a new range of Save The Date announcements.  Sneak Peak below!!

We had our annual film marathon a few weeks ago… for anyone who hasn’t heard of this, 6 close friends choose 2 films each and provided a snack or meal to accompany it.  The marathon lasts 24 hours and this year it started a little differently with a change in venue.  Our first film was Promethius so we had to visit the cinema, then it was back to the flat for the remaining 12 films.

This was the running order

TT: closer the the edge
The Green Ray
Grave of the Fireflies
Flight of the Navigator
Phantom of the Paradise
California Man
Perfect BLue
The Wrong Guy
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

A good 24 hours was spent with an assortment of food… including a salad which was served with flowers from Geoff’s back garden…!

My friend Ian took a photo from the same position every couple of hours and made this time-lapse video.  Pretty cool!

We also spent a very muddy weekend at Download Festival.

Download Festival Campsite

but a fantastic weekend was had by all!  The sun even decided to shine on Sunday!

I’ll be back soon with more regular posts!

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