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Wedding Ideas Magazine – featuring Us!

July 13th, 2011 — 9:47pm

Wedding Ideas Magazine was my bible when I began planning our wedding and the section I always flipped to first was the Real Life Bride feature.  For the same reason why I love blogs.  I’m nosey!

I knew I wanted to get our wedding featured, so I sent it in, crossed my fingers and waited for a reply.  A few weeks ago I opened up my inbox to see an email from Wedding Ideas Magazine.  Happy dance!

Our wedding is featured in this months issue! Out today!

We’re so pleased with our 3 pages of fame and we’ve had wonderful comments from people who have seen it.  It’s going to be a fabulous little keepsake – something to show the grandchildren!  Thank you Wedding Ideas Magazine

Photos by Stott Weddings

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July 11th, 2011 — 12:00pm

I have recently gone from no job, to part time job, for full-time-all-the-time job!

After being made redundant a few months before the wedding and spending 6 months struggling to find a job, feeling low and losing most of my confidence I found a relatively easy 3 day a week job.  It was at this point I decided to put wheels in motion and really really start thinking about the steps I would need to take to begin my own wedding stationery company – a dream of mine.

It was strange, being unemployed left me with endless hours to fill.  You’d think it would be the perfect time to set myself up in front of my laptop and dedicate all my energy into creating beautiful stationery,  but something happened.  Any motivation I had went into getting out of bed and dressing myself.  I realise how dramatic that sounds and to clarify I was far from depressed, but not having a job really knocked my confidence.  It wasn’t until I started my part time job that I really began to feel motivated and confident enough to start designing.

On my days off I’d sit and design, evenings after work the laptop would come out.  I have a notebook where my ideas live and any time I couldn’t get to my laptop I’d scrawl down words, shapes and roughly sketched out visions.  I had so many ideas and I’d find inspiration from any thing and every thing… Notice I’m talking in past tense?

A part time, 3 days a week job was great for a while and perfect for allowing me to nurture my growing ambition, but ambition and dreams can only get you so far.  You also need money.  Unfortunately my pay was only enough to get by with no nice added extras and so it was time to go back to a full time position.

Second week over and I can honestly say I have never worked so hard before in my life!  My new hours see me working 40 hours a week and rarely returning home before 6.30.  By the time I’ve had dinner I’m exhausted and any creative thoughts I once had have flitted off with my energy.

I feel incredibly guilty that I’ve neglected Twitter and very out of the loop!  I miss it, but I just seem to have no time to tweet (at least not for me, I’m tweeting on behalf of my new company!)

I haven’t opened illustrator in over 2 weeks and I feel guilty.  Once upon a time it consumed my spare time and even a night not spent playing around with ideas would make me feel anxious.  I’m slowly adjusting to my new working commitments and I hope that after a few more early nights my brain will be back to normal and I’ll be over run with shapes, colours, themes and ideas once again.

Stay tuned.. hopefully someday soon Purple and Pearls will be providing beautiful and unique wedding stationery,  that or you’ll find me in the corner catching some zzzz’s!

Note: To prove my point I actually started this post 6 days ago…

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