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The Royal Wedding

April 29th, 2011 — 9:11am

Do you have wedding fever?  I certainly do!

I have my very English cup of tea, Pimms is chilling (Is 9am too early?)  and I’m flicking between channels to see the day unfold.

We were on honeymoon in Hawaii when the couple announced their engagement and I remember being asked “What do you think about the Prince?”  Well after living in somewhat of a bubble I had no idea what they were talking about!  Of course now you can’t go anywhere without hearing about wedding, it certainly is a very exciting and momentous occasion and I for one am extremely caught up in the buzz of the day.

I can’t imagine how they both must be feeling today, walking down the aisle on your wedding day is daunting thought and I know how nervous I was with only 83 of our closest friends and family watching but to know that you have a 3 and a half minute walk to do in front of millions of people must be very scary!  On the other hand it must be wonderful to know that they have the support of so many people.


Congratulations William and Kate!

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April 26th, 2011 — 7:36pm

Our friend Ian put together a selection of photographs from our wedding to make this slideshow.

I love it!

We’re having trouble getting the actual video of our wedding together, which is frustrating, so to have received this the other night certainly made me smile.

Images by Ian Jenkins and Deborah Stott

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Want to see my Christmas present?

April 19th, 2011 — 9:00am

For Christmas Has handed me an envelope.  Inside this envelope was a piece of card.  He had asked his Dad to write down our wedding date in Arabic for me to have as a tattoo.

It’s something I had talked about before we got married.  I thought it would be really lovely to have our wedding date tattooed in a slightly different way that gave a nod to Has’ heritage.

I finally got inked last weekend.   I have had tattoos before and was rather nervous about getting one on my foot but it hurt a lot less than I had expected and was over before it really began.

So, now it’s more or less healed here is my tattoo of our wedding date.

Actual translation is 5 November 2010.  I also think it’s pretty cool that it is written in my father-in-law’s handwriting

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The Honeymoon – Seattle

April 18th, 2011 — 9:00am

Of the six flights we caught during our 3 week honeymoon, Hawaii to Seattle was by far the worst.  We caught the red eye from Honolulu and by now my sun burn was excruciating.  Usually I have no problems falling asleep if I’m tired.  I mean I fell asleep in the middle of a field whilst Metallica were playing (No disrespect to Metallica – love their stuff but seriously when I’m tired I have to sleep!)  I therefore get incredibly frustrated if I can’t sleep.  We’d managed to score emergency exit seats but it meant we were seating either side of the aisle from each other which meant I had no one to lean on.  My forehead was on fire, my neck was burning, my legs had gone numb from the pain and I was generally very uncomfortable.

Knowing Seattle would be cold, coupled with the fact that my suitcase was dangerously close to the weight limit I had worn my big thick parka coat.  I started to feel hot but I literally couldn’t move my arm to adjust the air flow every time I moved my eyes to look up, the crinkling in my forehead was agony.  I know I sound like I’m the only person to ever experience sun burn but it honestly was bad, I even had a blister on my forehead!

We landed in Seattle around 6am.  Exhausted, sore and… freezing we wheeled our cases for what felt like miles to the train station.  The train journey was about 45 minutes where I managed to doze off a few times until the doors opened and a fresh blast of icy air blew up waking me up.  Once we reached our stop we had to walk a little more until we reached our hotel.  I’m making out here that we were in bad spirits but honestly even though we were both feeling a little worse for wear we were laughing and joking all the time.  ”From sun burn to frost bite!”

We’d warned our hotel the Pan Pacific that our flight arrived very early and they were more than welcoming at 8am when we finally showed up.  They allowed us to check in straight away after congratulating us.  Once in the room I lathered myself in Aloe Vera, to the point where I looked like Slimer had “slimed me”.  We then slept for the next few hours to recharge.

We left the hotel early afternoon and headed out for some lunch/early dinner.  We went straight to the Hard Rock Cafe.  We don’t tend to eat at these types of chains preferring to try other recommendations but we’d heard that there was a lot of really cool memorabilia from our favourite bands like Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters.

First Starbuck.  Pike Place Market Seattle

After food we had a quick walk down to Pike Place Market and stopped by the first ever Starbucks to grab a drink.  We were pretty tired so ended our day early and headed back to the hotel.  We’d heard on the news before we went to sleep that we should expect snow within the next 24 hours so when we woke up the next day we weren’t surprised to see a light dusting of snow.

We had booked tickets to watch the new Harry Potter film, so we headed over to the Imax theatre.  It was definitely colder out than the day before and even though the snow was falling it wasn’t really settling.   The Harry Potter film had only just opened when we went to see it so we had to queue up to get a seat.  The theatre was packed but once the films started we didn’t hear a peep out of anyone.  We both really enjoyed the film (me more than Has!) and when it was over we stepped outside to find the light dusting of snow had become a blizzard!  The snow was definitely settling and becoming thicker by the minute.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Seattle

As well as seeing the film we also brought tickets to the Harry Potter Exhibition.  It was a showcase of props and costumes from the films narrated via a headset by some of the films costume and set designers.  For a Harry Potter geek like me it was wonderful!

By the time we left the snow was really coming down and settling quite a bit.  We walked over to the Space Needle but soon realised it would be a waste to go to the top as we’d see virtually nothing!  So we went to Starbucks.  The weather had turned quite bad so we went back to our hotel to warm up.  The walk back was laughable, the wind was quite fierce so the snow was blown into our faces my legs were soaked and we were frozen to the core.

Has had found a restaurant review on line, so we showered and dressed ready to face the weather.  Whilst I was getting ready Has looked out the window to see a car had ploughed straight in to the lamp post opposite our hotel.  No one was hurt as the driver was standing outside obviously waiting for someone to come get them.  The road outside our window was on a steep incline so most of the cars travelling down it, had trouble stopping at the junction.  We sat looking out of the window and watched as cars slide down sideways, one mounted the pavement (or should that be sidewalk?!) and when they finally managed to reverse slipped right down the hill very nearly hitting the car that had hit the lamp post.  It was at this point that I questioned whether or not we should even actually go out at all!

We decided that we really didn’t want to let the weather ruin our stay in Seattle so bundled ourselves up and headed to a restaurant called The Pink Door.  Funnily enough the only thing to identify that we were in the right place was a pink door.  It was a quaint little place that I can’t imagine gets found very often by tourists unless like us you hear about it via the internet.  I actually heard a table of locals  (Seattleites?) laugh about how they were asked to show a couple where the restaurant was.  We did feel like we’d stumbled on a little secret because it truly was an amazingly quirky place.  The walls and ceiling are adorned with nik naks, paintings, mirrors and trapeze ropes and hoops!  Whilst enjoying our scrumptious food a very talented lady entertained us and other diners by twirling and performing from suspended from the 20ft high rafters.  It was a very enjoyable evening out.

We left and braved the outside again, where we saw a guy “jay-walk”.  He stepped right out in front of a police car and got a severe telling off.  Opps!

The next day the sun was shining and the snow had stopped.  As we walked back to the Space Needle we found that the ground was still very icy and very slippy.  We actually picked a really good day to visit the Needle because the view was amazing.  Yes it was ffffreezing at the top as the wind blasted our poor sunburnt faces but we could see for miles.  We could even see the Olympic Mountains.  But boy was it cold!!

You can hear the wind on this video we took.

Unfortunately due to the snow a lot of Seattle came to a complete stand still.  We had booked tickets for Ride the Ducks but when we turned up we saw this sign.


We desperately wanted to visit the EMP Museum but again it was closed for the sake of the staff not being able to get to work.  As we walked around the city we found a lot of shops, restaurants and attractions were closed.  We walked over to Pike Place Market and spent time there in the various different shops and watching people pose for photos with the stall sellers and the huge fresh fish they had on offer.

We spent the afternoon under the streets of Seattle on the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.  Our guide was witty and interesting and taught us about the growth, destruction and regrowth of Seattle.  It was a really cool way to spend the afternoon and we both really enjoyed it.

The next morning we had to be up early to catch the train back to the airport ready for our flight to New York.  We left the hotel around 6am.  Struggling to pull our cases through the snow,  slipping every now and again.  We came to a crossing and waited until the walk sign turned green.  The roads were empty but we didn’t dare cross.  Why?  Because a police car sat at the junction opposite us and after seeing the telling off the guy got the other night we stayed where we were until the little green man said we could move!  When it was ok to walk the police car moved and pulled up right in front of us.  Uh Oh!  What did we do wrong?!  ”Where are you going?”  She asked.  We must have looked a little strange hulling our cases at that time of the morning.  We explained we were heading to the train station to which she replied “Would you like a lift?”

Completely surreal moment of the entire trip, loading our cases into the back of the police car and sitting in the back on hard cold plastic seats, behind the cage and doors that had no handles!  She was really very lovely and we chatted for the whole journey about the weather and how she was new to the area.  The whole time Has and I kept looking at each other trying not to burst out laughing with how crazy the situation was.  She dropped us off outside the train station and wished us well.  Off to New York we go!

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Blood Donation Day – April 15th 2011

April 15th, 2011 — 9:00am

Some people already donate blood. However, those who don’t tend to fall into two categories: too squeamish or too forgetful. Both reasons are totally understandable, conquering a phobia of needles or blood is a huge thing to ask, as is scheduling the time for a regular appointment to donate.

It is an astonishing fact that only 4% of the population provides donations of blood for the rest of us. That’s a lot to expect of so few people. Especially when this is one of those times when you really can have a massive impact on the lives of others, by doing something so simple.

So, why are we campaigning for this? Many of us have been affected first-hand by the importance of having a ready supply of blood, and realise how very different life could be without it. Just stop for a minute and think what might happen if you couldn’t get the blood transfusion that you take for granted will be there. This is the perfect forum to bring it to the forefront of people’s minds, especially those who have been contemplating donating blood but just haven’t got round to doing it yet.

If you’re physically able to give blood do please try to make time, it can literally make you a lifesaver. We would love it if donating blood became a regular habit for you, something that is done on a regular basis without giving it a second thought. If you can’t donate then please continue this campaign by asking all those you know who can to make an appointment – ask them to do it now… today, not when they get round to it.

Do read this blog and the associated posts from all of those involved in this campaign. There will be some very personal stories that we hope may open your eyes to how important blood donors are and how you never know when you may be the recipient of the blood that these wonderful people give.

If you feel that you are ready to donate blood, please go to the Give Blood website to find your nearest blood donor session.

I have been one of the many people who have had to rely on donated blood.  At just 8 months old I had an accident.  I was scolded by boiling water from a kettle.  The accident left me with damaged skin on my neck, chest, arms and hands.  Some areas of skin were badly damaged so I had to have an operation to graft healthy skin from my leg on to the worst affected areas of my body.  Due to my age and the nature of the operation I had to have donated blood.  It’s something we all take for granted that it will be there when we need it most.

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