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Happy New Year!!

December 31st, 2010 — 2:42pm

Happy New Year Lovelies!!

What will you be doing when Big Ben chimes 12?  I shall be dancing my socks off in my favourite rock club with some of my closest friends.  We did exactly the same last year and it was such a fantastic night, that we’re celebrating the same way.

Where ever you are, who ever you are with and what ever you might be doing I hope it’s fabulous!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the readers of Purple and Pearls, for all your support and encouragement over the past year (and beyond!)  Sometimes I wonder if I’m whittering on to myself then one of you lovely readers will send me an email or leave a comment on a post and I honestly appreciate every one who takes the time to leave me a message.  Thank you for holding my hand through 2010.

I wish you all an absolutely wonderful 2011.  I hope it brings you everything you wish for.

Lots of New Years Love

Laura xxx

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My 2010. July to December

December 30th, 2010 — 7:48pm


We had our pre wedding shoot and made a guest book with the photos

High Voltage Festival


(was busy!)

Sonisphere Festival, where I met the very lovely Sara Thomas

I celebrated my 26th birthday with a tea party


My first hen party, the infamous L plates and willies party – which was a total blast!

We took a trip to Padstow in Cornwall with family



  • My amazing godparents treated me
  • Oh and WE GOT MARRIED!!

Want to know how our wedding day went down?  Read all about the run up, the getting ready, ceremony, the reception, party time and the aftermath

  • We also had the absolute time of our lives on our 3 week honeymoon

I shall be doing a full report of our honeymoon.  Here we are in Oahu


  • Fresh from our honeymoon we drove to Prestatyn for the Hard Rock Hell Festival
  • We put a deposit down on a flat.  Yippee!!!
  • And celebrated our first Christmas together as Mr and Mrs!

2010 was pretty amazing but I wonder what 2011 has in store for us!

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My 2010. January to June

December 29th, 2010 — 9:30am

2010 has been such an amazing year for me, yes it’s had it’s down moments but those have been heavily outweighed by some of the best in my life.  As the year draws to a close I’m taking the opportunity to relive some of these memories.


New Year’s Day Lunch

A day out with family, on the Cannock Chase

Suzie’s Pirate Hen Party


Suzie and Rob’s Wedding


The National Wedding Show


Easter Fun!


We spent a gorgeous day in Stratford with my Godparents


Download Festival 2010

I did the Race for life and managed to raise over £150 thanks to the very generous donations of family, friends and the power of Twitter!

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30 Before 30 A 2010 Update

December 28th, 2010 — 9:00am

As we welcome in the New Year I thought it might be a good time to update my 30 before 30 list I made back in March.

This is my list and my updates

  1. Get married! ~ TICK!
  2. Move in with Has before our wedding (We’ll be renting to start with)  ~ Not quite before our wedding but we’re hopefully all set to move in to our new city centre apartment on the 27th January
  3. Own our first home together.
  4. Start to think about a family
  5. Visit Alaska
  6. Learn how to knit
  7. Do something I love for a living.
  8. Decorate my house in a style to suit me and Has.
  9. Teach Has how to drive.
  10. Create a “places we have been map
  11. Become confident in the kitchen and be able to cook edible meals!
  12. Visit Harry Potter World
  13. Run/Walk the Breast Cancer Race For Life  ~ I took part in the Race for Life in June.  Was an incredibly moving day and an event I shall definitely be taking part in again
  14. Learn how to sew  ~ I’ve actually had to sew quite a bit lately, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I’m definitely better than I was!
  15. Watch all the first (last?) 3 Star Wars films (I get flamed for not seeing the originals!)
  16. See the New York Giants play at home  ~ We were able to catch a Giants home game when we visited New York on our honeymoon.  The Giants went from losing horrifically to dramatically winning the game in the last few minutes, like an ending straight out of Hollywood.  Electric atmosphere – completely amazing
  17. Perfect the art of cupcake making  ~ Wouldn’t say I’ve perfected it but I have definitely got better especially after visiting the Blue Door Bakery for a decorating workshop
  18. Host a dinner party
  19. Buy a pair of designer shoes
  20. Get a professional massage ~ During my amazing facials the therapist treated me to a very relaxing neck and shoulder massage, which makes me want a full body massage even more!
  21. Get a professional facial ~ Before the wedding I treated myself to a course of facials, which were amazing.  Definitely something I’d love to commit to permanently
  22. See the Macy’s Parade on Thanks Giving ~ We were lucky enough to be able to see the Macy’s Day Parade on our Honeymoon.  It did involve us getting up and out by 6am then standing in the cold for a further 2 hours, but it was all so totally worth it!
  23. Host Christmas dinner.
  24. Have a garden
  25. Be a comfortable size 10
  26. Go to Iceland
  27. Climb a Volcano (Extinct!) ~ Again something we were able to do on our Honeymoon.  We climbed Diamond Head on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.  A completely exhilarating experience, one I will never forget
  28. Trace my family tree
  29. Learn to play the Bass
  30. See Poison play live. ~ We saw Bret Michaels (lead singer in Poison) in Atlantic City probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing Poison seeing as they never tour Europe!!

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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2010 — 4:57pm

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and are suitably stuffed by now!

Wishing you all a fantastic day full of laughter and love.



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{Our Wedding} – The Aftermath

December 24th, 2010 — 11:02am

I woke up the next morning very early.  I hadn’t slept very well, between the nerves, tight dress and dancing far too much I regrettably hadn’t eaten much since breakfast, so I woke up with stomach cramps and a banging headache.   My legs and feet were also aching from standing and dancing so much and my sides were sore from where my dress had rubbed.

Even though I was still so tired I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I opted for a hot bath instead.  As I mentioned before Suzie and Hayley had left cupcakes and Haribo in our room, so at 6am the day after my wedding I was sat in the bath with my sugary treats whilst my husband attempted to sleep off his hangover.

We had told people we’d be down for breakfast around 9am, we both got ready and joined everyone else in the buffet queue.  I’d never been happier to see hash browns and bacon before in my life!  Most of our family and friends were already up and greeted us warmly.  After we had finished eating we took the chance to walk around the different tables to good morning to everyone and to catch up with all the gossip from the evening before.  One of the things everyone was talking about was Harriet’s trick with a pair of LED tealights shoved down her top.

After breakfast people started to say goodbye.  A lot of people stayed to help us pack up, there was an awful lot to sort out before we could leave and it took quite a few of us to load the cars up.  Unfortunately we managed to leave a number of things at the hotel that my parent had to collect whilst we were away.

Has and I went back to my parents house to open our cards and gifts, I think the enormity of the day really sank in when things calmed down a little.  We sat with my parents and brother Paul drinking tea, eating cupcakes and read all of our cards.  We were both completely blown away by everyone’s generosity and loving words in the cards.  We also took the time to read through our guest book.  I read allowed the messages until the tears stopped me, they were all so touching I couldn’t help the emotion.

We didn’t have long before we had to get ready to go the the Birmingham City game.  Has had to be there earlier than usual so he could prepare to walk out the team.  We met up with everyone at the pub, I had been pre-warned by Has’ brother Taz about Has’ duty that day so a ticket could be arranged for me.  A few other family members also knew so they had managed to get tickets for the game.  Has left the pub before us and then I walked over with Has’ mom Sue, my new Sister-in-Law Amanda  and nephew Louis.  Has’ cousin Abdul, who had travelled from L.A for the wedding with his wife Farrah also had tickets as well as Has’ cousin Jo and her husband Clive.

We took our seats and waited patiently for the match to begin.  I was actually really nervous for Has.  We hadn’t really had the chance to talk about what was going to happen but I know he was anxious.  As the music started to signal the teams arrival I watched as my Husband proudly marched his team on to the pitch.  He knew where we were seating and waved in our direction which really pleased Louis.

He then walked with the team and the Mascot Beau Brummie to the centre of the pitch for a photograph before running off before the game began.

After the game we headed back to my parents house.  We had a car booked at 7.30 to take us to Heathrow, so we panic packed our cases.  We had already packed the majority of our cases but had a few extras to add, plus we realised they were a little too heavy so a lot of unpacking and repacking occurred.  Some of our family and friends had arrived to see us off and enjoy the fireworks my neighbour was putting on.

It was a little hectic and crazy and honestly at that point I think we were both regretting our decision to leave for honeymoon so soon after the wedding.  I was still feeling a little emotional and knew saying goodbye to everyone would be difficult.  Once we had finished our packing we moved our cases downstairs and went outside to finally twirl some sparklers!  We had over 50 to use as the weather was so bad the day before we didn’t get chance.

I had one last thing to do before I left.  Change my name and relationship status on Facebook.  Ha!  It was now official.  There was a knock on the door.  Our car had arrived.  Everyone piled outside to see us off and as we hugged everyone goodbye, I struggled to hold it together especially as my parents were visibly upset.  Before we left we were showered with more confetti

We sat in the car and waved everyone off.  The journey to our Heathrow airport hotel went by really quickly.  We spent the entire time talking about the day and remembering all the little bits, sharing with each other all of our favourite memories and how we felt at various points in the day.  As we drove down the M40 fireworks were exploding all around us, which seemed to add an extra feeling of romance and magic.

Even though we had barely slept all week we still found it really difficult to sleep, we were so excited about our honeymoon and still on a high that we struggled to stop our minds racing.  I think we finally drifted off around midnight and slept soundly until the alarm went off at 5am.


That’s it for the wedding recaps, thank you so much for reading and commenting.  It’s been wonderful reliving all the little details of our day again.  I actually wrote the majority of the report whilst we were away, and reading back over what I wrote made me think “when I wrote this I was on the greyhound to San Antonio”.

I am planning to write a few more posts about our honeymoon and what we got up to, like being driven around Seattle at 4.30 in the morning in a Cop car!!

For now I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x

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{Our Wedding} – The Party!

December 23rd, 2010 — 4:52pm

I don’t want to take away anything from our day, because I really did love every single second, but the part that both of us were really looking forward to was the chance to relax, mingle with our friends and dance, dance, dance!

Whilst the staff at Nailcote cleared up from the meal in the Marquee, set up our sweetie table and made it suitable for the evening we floated around in the bar area and greeted our evening guests as they arrived. Unfortunately it had really started to rain so more than a few people came looking a little damp.

I felt like no sooner had I said hello to someone, another face had arrived and I had to excuse myself to say hello to someone else. I spent the early part of the night mixing with our guests and catching up with old friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. We stood near the entrance to the Marquee so we were able to say hello to everyone who came through the door. At some point we were called off in opposite directions and I would occasionally spot Has’ across the room but the early parts of the evening we barely spent any time together.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings & Ian Jenkins

Our coordinator Carol called us both together so we could cut the cake. If she hadn’t have organised us I’m pretty sure we would have both forgotten! Someone mentioned to me that my Dad wasn’t there, so we waited until he arrived. Unfortunately what I didn’t know was that my Mom wasn’t there either and she missed us cutting our cake. I think the cutting of the cake is one of those things you overlook, after being handed the knife Has whispered to me, “So how do we do this then?” ermm?! When it was time we dug the knife in to a barrage of camera flashes, until it wouldn’t go down any more when we attempted to pull the knife from the cake we nearly toppled the whole lot! Not exactly sure on what to do next I precariously left the knife sticking out of the cake and left Has to carefully remove it.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

After nearly knocking the cake off its stand it was time for our first dance, or should that be first shuffle? We drifted around to Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Laughing to each other about how we should try and shake it up a bit with a dip or a twirl we didn’t take ourselves very seriously. We sang to each other, kissed and cuddled. To watch it may not have been very eventful, but it was perfect for us.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings & Ian Jenkins

Once the song had finished I invited my Dad on the dance floor for our father-daughter dance, we played Beautiful Girl by Inxs and invited everyone to enjoy us. My brother danced with my Mom and Has danced with his Mom, soon other Dad’s had taken the hand of their daughters and Mom’s danced with their son’s. It really was a very lovely moment.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Then the night really began. Our band The Subterraneans totally rocked the marquee with tune after tune. We knew it was on the cards but what happened next was beyond brilliant. Has’ brother Mos has a rather special party piece that only comes out at weddings. Mos’ alter-ego “Freddie” took to the stage in a sparkly all-in-one glitter suit and a “Has” mask (from the stag party) and belted out “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Somebody to Love” by Queen. The Subterraneans also had help from a new up-and-coming guitarist, our 8 year old nephew Louis who completely rocked!

Image Credit:  Ian Jenkins

Everyone loved the performance and by the end everyone was clapping in time and singing along to the lyrics “Find me somebody to love” Mos stayed in his glittery suit all evening, the moustache and “Has” mask ended up being worn by pretty much every guest. Including me!

Image Credit: Facebook

Once the band had finished their sets, our DJ took over, we had given him a huge list of songs we’d love to hear, never expecting him to get through them all but he did a great job in playing songs that kept everybody dancing. And even though he specialises in heavy rock music he kept everyone happy and played requests such as Katy Perry, Tinie Tempah and even the Macarena, which had a huge group of us performing the routine on the stage! Something I never thought I’d be doing on my Wedding day!

Image Credit: Ian Jenkins

The music and the bar in the Marquee had a curfew of 1am. Our last song of the night was New York, New York by one of our all time favourite bands Reel Big Fish. We started the song off in a huge circle kicking in time, until Has and I were pushed into the middle where we danced whilst our family and friends circled around us. It was such an incredible moment to look around and see everyone hugging and dancing next to people they had only just met. Since the wedding our friends have told us that it was one of their favourite highlights of the wedding and it honestly was one of mine too.

Image Credit: Ian Jenkins

The entire hotel had been booked out by our guests, so when the Marquee closed we moved to the smaller bar area for a few more drinks. Slowly people retired to bed until there were only a few of us left. Has and I made our way up to our room around 3am. Earlier in the day Hayley and Suzie had been in and decorated our room with purple tealights, rose petals and had left us packets of Haribo, champagne and “Mr and Mrs” cupcakes (again supplied by Sarah at Blue Door Bakery) It really did look perfect.
As we lay completely worn out in our huge four-poster bed, we couldn’t quite believe the wedding was over. It had been such an amazing day, more than we could have ever wished for. Everything had been perfect and we really have our family and friends to thank for that. We both felt incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives that helped make our day so special. I fell asleep in my Husbands arms, the happiest I’ve ever been as flashes of our day danced in my head.

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{Our Wedding} – The Reception

December 22nd, 2010 — 5:41pm

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

We paused at the bottom of the stairs for a group photograph and for our guests to have the chance to dust us with confetti. These actually turned out to be my favourite set of photos. Everyone looks so happy it really does encompass the feeling of the whole day.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

We then headed to the top of the stairs where we were each handed a glass of Kir Royale and were able to greet our guests properly.  My drink barely touched the sides, partly because I was so thirsty and partly because I had far too much in my hands!  As well as my glass I was also trying to juggle my bouquet, our marriage certificate and a few lucky horseshoes I had kindly been given, all whilst trying to hug people.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings & Ian Jenkins

We had a few group photographs with parents and members of the wedding party before Has and I were whisked away to the marquee so we could see it set up before our guests. The room completely exceeded all my expectations. I hadn’t been able to do any of the set up myself, which initially disappointed me but the staff at Nailcote did such a wonderful job that I really didn’t mind. This was the first chance I had had to see the cupcakes and boy were they amazing! I seriously couldn’t not have wished for better. Sarah took every little detail I had told her about and created my dream cake. Has laughed at our exchange of emails where we would discuss whether the sugar hearts should be symmetrical or slightly pointy to one side, but the cakes looked so beautiful I’m glad Sarah was as detailed minded as me. I can not recommend Sarah and Blue Door Bakery enough!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Our flower centrepieces also made the room. We had large Martini vases filled with crushed ice and a sunken purple light, with an arrangement of our wedding flowers on top. Everything looked perfect. Has commented to me that it looked better than he could ever have imagined, all our little details including the wine charms and chalkboard heart placecards were a complete success. I noticed quite a few of our guests use the placecards as necklaces and bracelets, and all of the charms were taken home at the end of the night. I’m so glad I made the extra effort to create these little extras for our guests.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings & Ian Jenkins

Our photographers Deborah and David then took us outside for a few alone shots. At the point my dress was so dirty but I really didn’t care. I stood in the doorway to Nailcote and looked down at my beautiful dress, the bottom of the skirt was lined with mud and the odd leaf but I’d given up trying to be precious. I knew deep down it would never be kept pristine so I didn’t worry about it.  I think other people were more concerned with keeping it clean than I was, every time I stepped outside there’d be people offering to help lift the dress from the floor.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

We walked around the grounds of Nailcote laughing and joking to ourselves whilst our picture was being taken, referring to each other as “Husband” and “Wife”.  When Deborah stopped shooting to adjust her lense, Has surprised me  by telling me he had a little gift. He pulled out of his pocket a Thomas Sabo charm for my bracelet. It was a silver heart with the words “Just Married” I was so surprised I hadn’t expected anything especially after he had given me my Tiffany necklace the night before but my Husband (!) is such a romantic!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

We felt spots of rain so before it got too heavy we finished up our photographs and moved back inside ready to do the receiving line. It was a great idea and I’m really glad we did it, I loved the fact that I was able to introduce my parents to friends I’d constantly spoken about in the run up to the wedding and it gave our guests the chance to be properly introduced to our wedding party. Of course it sparked some funny moments where by close friends would introduce themselves as someone different. Harriet’s alter-ego that day was Vera, she’s great and has a fab party piece with two LED tealights which I’m sure I’ll go into more detail about later!!

Once everyone was seated Has and I waited to be introduced into the room, our coordinator Carol gave us a glass of lemonade each as we waited for everyone to find their seats and settle down. We sat together for what felt like ages, I was really conscious that we were keeping everyone waiting, of course we weren’t at it was soon time for us to be announced into the room as Mr and Mrs S!

We walked into the room hand-in-hand, huge grins on our faces and took it all in. Everyone was smiling, clapping and cheering for us. I’m not one for being the centre of attention but to feel so much love and happiness from our family and friends was very overwhelming. Once we were seated I took the opportunity to have a really good look around and take everything in. I was overcome with emotion and love, I would honest suggest to any bride just to take several moments out of your day just to really absorb everything. The day is so huge it’s easy to forget the little things, I’m so glad I just stopped to acknowledge details like our nephews opening their gifts, or the tables clowning around with the disposable cameras we had left. The atmosphere in the room was great.

Our starter of smoked salmon and lime tartlet and the broccoli and stilton soup courses were served but due to a combination of a constricting dress and nerves for Has and my Dad who were worrying about their speeches I regrettably didn’t eat very much of it. We had decided for the sake of the speakers who wouldn’t be able to enjoy their meals we would break up the four courses with the speeches. So soon after the soup course was cleared away my Dad was invited to speak.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

My Dad’s speech was beautiful. It was really moving and funny too! He’d been concerned that he would struggle to hold it together through some parts of the speech and although his voice broke with emotion on a few occasions he couldn’t not have given me a more perfect speech. It was from the heart and I know our guests appreciated that. Towards the end of the speech my Dad presented me with a gift. For this to make sense I’ll need to tell you a little background. My parents, and the majority of my family are Aston Villa football fans. Has and his family are Birmingham City football fans, these two teams are huge rivals therefore I am somewhat caught in the middle. So as a compromise my Dad presented me with a half and half shirt that had my new name printed on the back, it was a great idea and caused everyone to applaud.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Next up was my Husband. Has is naturally a very shy, quiet person so for him to get up and speak was a big deal. From the very first words he spoke his speech was a hit! He made subtle jokes including how we first met… “I’m sure most of you know how Laura and I first met, but I bet you didn’t know what her first words were… “Leave me alone!” His speech was heartfelt and he really did me proud. He thanked on our behalf our parents, our bridesmaids, the ushers, the best-men and various other people who had made massive contributions to our day. Everyone commented afterwards how wonderful his speech was and I was so proud of him.

Has: I had prepared my speech about 2 months before. As the groom it’s the equivalent of the bride walking down the aisle, all eyes would be on me, so I wanted to do the best I could. Even though I was well prepared and had been practicing quite a lot the week running up to the wedding I was still very nervous. However I needn’t have worried because after a couple of lines into the speech and a few laughs I realised everyone was with me and I became more confident the more I spoke. My only worry now was the best men speech!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Then came the best-men. We knew from the off that this would be brutal! They had rang Has a few days before the wedding in hysterics because they hadn’t realised how much material they had on him… then they found this blog. Sorry Has!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

They had also set up a massive projector screen which showed Has in all stages of life and in various states of undress much to the disgust of Has! Their speech was a complete hit, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much, my stomach was aching by the end, it was fantastic! They ended their speech with a letter from the manager at Birmingham City Football Club. Taz began by reading the letter aloud which thanked Has for his years of continued support and then presented Has with a signed shirt. Has thinking that that was all they had in store for him relaxed somewhat until they told him that he would be leading the Birmingham City team out on to the pitch the next day. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on Has’ face. It was pure shock, I watched his face physically drop as the news sunk in. The speeches ended with massive applause and cheers as Has digested just what was being asked of him.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings & Ian Jenkins

Has: The night before the wedding my brother was running late as he had a few last minute surprises to sort out, I knew it was something to do with the speech and my first thought was “perhaps they have got me a signed Blues shirt!” I jokingly said to my mum “as long as they don’t make me mascot!” When they made the announcement that I would be walking out the team, I honestly couldn’t believe it, a 26 year old mascot walking out in front of 28,000 people! Even though I was terrified at the prospect when the moment came it was an incredible way to top off an amazing couple of days. The rest of their speech was brilliant and considering it was based around humiliating me, that is very high praise!

There was a short break after the speeches so I took the chance to have a quick walk around the tables to say hello to everyone before shooting back for my main course of chicken with sundried tomatoes and choritzo mouse. I barely touched it before I was back on my feet again mingling with guests making sure everyone enjoyed their meals. Our puddings arrived and I think I managed all of 3 spoonfuls before becoming full.

Image Credit: Ian Jenkins

Suzie, Hayley, Harriet, my Mom and me quietly disappeared upstairs to freshen up before our evening guests arrived. Luckily my dress had only a zipper on the back so I decided to slip out of it to give me some relief and to even visit the bathroom on my own! Harriet touched up my make up and I was soon being called downstairs again to say hello to guests arriving.

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{Our Wedding} – The Ceremony

December 21st, 2010 — 12:00pm

I heard the registrar begin to address our guests, the background music stopped and everything went quiet.  Whilst she read out the rules about mobile phones my Mom handed out mints and we giggled nervously when we realised we had to swallow them quickly.  Then the music started.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

As my brother escorted my Mom down the aisle to the first beats of Paul McCartney’s Calico Skies, I realised that my garter was around my ankle! At this point, Sophie had already started to make her way down the staircase, followed by Natalie.  Suzie and my Dad struggled to lift my skirt so I could shimmy it back up my leg.  Hayley looked at us in panic because it was her turn to go and she couldn’t help.  We managed to shimmy it back up my leg in time for Suzie to walk down.  Before I could even think Carol motioned for me and my Dad. The garter provided the perfect distraction, I didn’t have time to panic about what was coming next.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

We walked out and paused at the top of the stairs. At this moment a thousand different emotions and feelings flooded me, I locked eyes with Has who smiled up at me, I felt myself shake uncontrollably, I heard my Dad saying breathe, just breathe, and a huge smile spread across my face.  All my concerns about walking down the aisle were fruitless, I practically floated down. My breathing was heavy and my body trembled but I took in every face and every smile directed my way.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

When we reached the bottom of the aisle, I turned to my Dad and gave him a kiss, then handed my bouquet to Hayley. I walked round the chair and took Has’ hand and kissed him gently. I remember him offering me a tissue, because I had told him in the run up to the wedding that I may need one, but I was fine! The moment I reached Has I felt calm, as cliché as it sounds standing there with him holding my hand I no longer felt nervous. For that moment everything else in the background faded away and all I was aware of was Has.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

The registrar began the service and invited my godfather Trevor to recite our first reading “The Art of Marriage” As Trevor finished I mouthed the words “Thank You” as he winked at us both. We were then asked to rise to make our declaratory vows. Has and I had often spoken about how we would say our vows and whether we would stumble over words like “lawful impediment” or “solemnly declare” but as far as I can remember we delivered our vows clearly.  The registrar invited our witnesses Taz and Suzie to the front and also our ring bearer Mos. Has placed my ring on my finger before I accepted Has’ ring from his brother Mos who gave me a warm smile. I was nervous that I would struggle to get Has’ ring on but it slid on smoothly. It’s funny how we both worried about so many little tiny things but when it came to it nothing went wrong and it could not have been more perfect.

Our friend Richard was then called to recite our second reading “Love Is”.  When Richard had finished the registrar asked us to stand, I knew what was coming next and I couldn’t help but smile.  The words I had been waiting to hear since the day Has proposed.  We were announced Husband and Wife as our guests erupted in cheers and applause.

Image Credit: Ian Jenkins

We moved to sign the register, smiles never leaving our faces. I think it was at this moment that I looked up and really started to see people.  It seems like such a strange thing to say after months of studying our guest list but seeing the faces of people, especially those you haven’t seen in a while, still came as a surprise. We signed our names then posed with the fake pen so as our family and friends could take our photo.  We laughed and joked together about how silly I felt pretending to sign as camera flashes were going off all around us.  Being the great actress I am (!) I think I gave a convincing performance for the cameras…

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

After we had signed our names our witnesses were called to sign and Has and I moved to the side where my Mom handed me back my engagement ring. We sat hand in hand as I let the reality of the situation wash over me. It’s such a completely overwhelming experience that on more than one occasion during the day I had to pause to make sure it really was all happening.

Once all the legal formalities were finished our registrar handed me our certificate and announced us as Mr and Mrs as we made our way back up the aisle together as the The Ramones “Baby I Love You” played and our guests cheered, clapped and offered their congratulations Walking back up the aisle with Has was an amazing feeling. Officially husband and wife!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

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{Our Wedding} – The Morning

December 20th, 2010 — 9:30am

Friday 5th November

Once I’d admitted defeat and realised there was no way I was going to get back to sleep, I crept out of bed, tiptoed towards the bathroom, stubbed my toe on my case, cursed in whispers with pain as to not to wake Paul and waited until I was in the bathroom before turning on the light.  I waited for my eyes to adjust to the harsh brightness, then ran myself a bath, which I somehow managed to completely mess up.  First it was scolding hot, then freezing cold. By the time I had the temperature just right I had about 5 minutes to wash before I was due to meet at my parents room before breakfast.

When I’d finished in the bathroom, had changed into my “bride-to-be” vest the girls had made for my hen party I gathered all my belongings from my room ready to take to my parents, not before Paul woke up and said “Wedding!” and then fell straight back to sleep.

When I arrived, Suzie and Hayley were already in my parents room and I was offered a cup of tea and a biscuit. Leaving my Dad with a list of jobs we headed down to breakfast where my other two bridesmaids Sophie and Natalie and my Nan and Aunt were waiting for us. The waiting staff were lovely and had reserved a table for us so we could all sit together. I managed to force down half a bowl of Rice Krispies and a few bites of toast. The ladies serving us were very put out when I declined a cooked breakfast and brought yet another basket of toast (They must have given us a loaf already!) I can’t fault them though, all the staff at Nailcote were beyond brilliant.

Has: I woke up early as I couldn’t sleep either, I carefully shaved before carrying on where we left off from the previous night, playing Xbox with my nephew.  My brother made me a ‘Man v Food’ Style bacon sandwich and we watched trashy daytime TV.

We left the hotel at 8 to be at our 8.30 appointment at the hairdressers, we’d overlooked the fact that it was a Friday and that meant rush hour.  Hayley did her best to get us there on time, but I have to admit it did nothing for my nerves. It was at this point I began to feel shaky and there were definite butterflies in my belly. We made it there a little after 8.30, to find my hairdresser Jo, waiting for us with a big smile.   I was lead to the chair and the other stylists invited my bridesmaids to their seats so they could get started.

It took about an hour and a half for all of us to have our hair finished and we all left loving our new locks. The drive back to Nailcote was no less hairy than the drive there. Hayley suffered from a severe case of Road Rage as she raced to get us back to the hotel in time.

Once safely back at the hotel we headed to my parents room where we would be getting ready. We scoffed down a few sandwiches, crisps and other goodies before my godmother Dawn asked me if I wanted her to dress the ceremony room with the fabric hearts Has’ Mom Sue had made. I nodded and she disappeared, 5 minutes later she reappeared explaining that the ceremony room chairs had chair covers. We had asked for the covers to be on the chairs in the marquee and we would be using our own decorations for the ceremony room.

Mom told me that Has wouldn’t be at the hotel for at least another 40 minutes so I should go over to see what had happened. When we got there the people who had put all the covers on looked less than impressed and one of our coordinators Michelle o said “They’ve put your covers in the wrong place!” At this point I not about to start worrying about chair covers!  Michelle ordered the suppliers to remove the covers and take them over the the marquee, whilst I explained to Dawn, Hayley, Suzie and my Mom how they were to be tied on to the chairs.  They ordered me back into hiding and sent me to the room in case Has showed up.   From what I hear quite a few people got stuck in and helped tie the the hearts on, including a few early wedding guests!

Has: I spent the rest of the morning thinking about what the day would be like and practicing my speech, over and over. Me and Mos then made our way to the venue, joking about married life and listening to Flight of the Conchords. As we pulled up to the venue my other brother and best man Taz, my Mom and cousin Abdul (who had flew from L.A to be with us) were standing outside talking, we hugged and greeted each other and went into the bar area. I admit I was starting to feel slightly nervous and it really hit me when I started to see the guests arriving. I had planned to call Lauras mum when I got to the venue to find out where I could get changed but I had no signal and no one seemed to know which room I could use. This didn’t help my anxiety, but Laura’s God parent Trevor was on the job to find me a room.

I ran back to the room nervously looking around, not wanting to bump in Has and found Deborah Stott our photographer. She came with me to our room where Harriet was painting my Nan’s nails. From here on in it everything becomes rather hazzy. Whilst Harriet painted nails I flapped around the room making a cup of tea for Deborah and trying to force a few sandwiches down.

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Soon after Suzie, Hayley my Mom and Auntie Dawn made it back from tying the hearts on the chairs.  Sarah from Blue Door Bakery also stopped by the room to say hello. As well as supplying our wedding cupcakes Sarah has become a really good friend, she came in with a box of “whilst you’re getting ready” cupcakes and a beautiful Cherry Pie Lane stone heart engraved with our names and wedding date from her and another good friend and cupcake lover Kerry. I gave her a small present to thank her for all her help over the last year, then we hugged and said goodbye.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

At the point Harriet had finished making up the two youngest bridesmaids Natalie and Sophie and they left to get ready in another room. I couldn’t stand still, as glamorous as it sounds I was also sweating, I practically used a whole roll of deodorant and resorted to tissues. I did tell Deborah I was about to do something very unlady like and for her to not capture it on film, before shoving wods of tissues under my arms.

Has: After mingling with a few guests who had arrived early I had a look at the ceremony room and the marquee. Both rooms looked perfect and I was really pleased with everything. It was now time to get suited and booted. I made my way to Laura’s brothers room and started to get changed, my usher was already working hard and finding me my first pint of the day. Once changed I made my way back to the bar area to say hello to more guests and to find someone who knew how to pin my button hole!

I kept being told to sit down but I just couldn’t stay still for a second I paced the room, nerves filling my belly and my heart pounding in my chest. I mentioned to Deborah that I wanted to get a photo of Suzie putting on my necklace like the one we had had taken on her wedding day. It was at this point that the tears started. I looked at Suzie who had watery eyes and couldn’t hold back any longer.  We had to change the subject quickly, I have no idea to what but it worked and we managed to all calm down long enough to form a bridesmaid chain. I did up the back of Suzie’s corset whilst she did Hayley’s. This wasn’t the easiest of tasks with shaky fingers and I have to admit my language was a little foul!!

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Before I finished lacing up, Harriet called for me from the bathroom (The room with the best light) to say it was my turn to be made up. The room we were getting ready in was right above the walk way to the ceremony room, I was a little nervous about being seated so close to the window in case anyone saw me, but Harriet sat me with my back to the window and told me to close my eyes whilst she attached my flutter-tastic eyelashes. She did her best to calm me, but I don’t think I said more than 3 words to her. I could hear the voices of people down underneath our window and tried to identify them, which was strangely calming.

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I was soon finished and made my way back into the bedroom to find everyone was made up and Sophie and Natalie had come back to the room.

Has: Carol (our on the day coordinator) introduced herself and walked myself, best men and ushers to the ceremony room. After giving the ushers their orders she took me to a room to meet the registrar. I was asked the usual questions regarding names, dates of birth etc But they caught by surprise when they started asking me questions like “ Do you want the rings on a pillow?” and “Would you like me to say kiss the bride?” Me and Laura hadn’t talked about these things so I thought the safest thing to do was to reply  “I would check with Laura!”.

The time had come to put on my dress. Dressed in only my stockings and underwear I think it took 3 people to help me in, I was concentrating so hard on breathing at this point that I don’t even remember who! Suzie helped me put on my necklace and I struggled to hold it together.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

Once the dress was on, I lost control of my emotions.  I found it hard to speak, breathe or focus on even the smallest task.  I struggled to put my jewellery and had to have help from my Mom.  The nerves really did hit me.

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Then there was a knock at the door and I knew instantly who it was. It was my Dad. Someone asked me if it was ok for him to come in, I silently nodded as the tears streamed down my face, I couldn’t look at him, all I heard in a shaky voice were the words “Oh my god” we just hugged, crying on each other. I knew seeing my Dad for the first time would be hard emotionally, but it was more overwhelming than I ever imagined it to be. It is a precious memory I will never forget.

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I think we broke the tension with a joke, and as we wiped our eyes, tidied up my make up and laughed at the situation, I started to feel a lot better.  The tension in the room had lifted and whilst I was still a little shaky I was definitely more focused.  All ready to go we waited patiently in the room for Carol our coordinator to collect us. We kept it very light hearted and even spied out of the window to see if we could catch a glimpse of any guests arriving.

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We had a few photos taken, gathered up our flowers, spritzed ourselves with perfume and prepared ourselves mentally for what was about to happen.  Out of the corner of my eye, through the window I saw Carol making her way to collect us. I threw my phone at Mom with the order to take our photo “Quick, take our pictures!” I have had so much support on Twitter that I wanted to give everyone a little sneak peak before the day began.  I simply wrote “Show time” and sent it along with a photo of me, Suzie and Hayley.

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Carol was here, checking we had picked up everything we needed, we made our way downstairs. It had been raining all morning, but thankfully for the short walk outside to the ceremony room it had stopped. The floor was wet so I had an army of people lift my train from the ground until I made it to the entry way to our ceremony room. The first person I saw was my brother Paul, he came over kissed me on the cheek, gave me a squeezed and told me I looked beautiful. I then noticed our two friends Ian and Geoff who we had roped into filming parts of our day for us. They both put in 110% and they didn’t stop all day. Ian came over to me and we joked about how our friend Geoff was wearing a shirt (unheard of!)   Carol told me that Has was still being interviewed and that they were “really grilling him” I asked her if Has was ok and whether he was nervous. She told me he was fine and about 5 minutes later she told me it was time for my interview.

Has: After going through various questions with the registrar, which seem to take an age, it was time to take my position in the ceremony room. I walked in to find nearly all the guests in their seats, it was a strange feeling to see all those people waiting for me. From this point to when Laura walked down the aisle seemed to last forever. While my nerves were there I soon started to relax as I realized I was with all my friends and family. My best men did their best to calm me, Mos at one point announced to the guests  “give it another 5 minutes, but then start to make your way home as clearly she’s had second thoughts”.   Also Laura had bought me a flask full of jagermiester the previous day, which was also helping the nerves.

Image Credit: Stott Weddings

From the interview room I could see the back row of our guests waiting for me, I peeked slightly to see who I could spot before being reminded by the registrars that if I could see them, then they could see me!  The registrars were lovely they offered me a drink of water, which I didn’t realise how much I wanted and questioned me to make sure I was who I claimed to be.  Once the interview was over I was walked back to join the others  and stood just out of sight at the top of the stairs and waited nervously until it was time.

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