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Evening Invitations

August 31st, 2010 — 11:45am

Evening Invites are all signed, sealed and ready to be delivered.

They follow on the theme from our day invitations.

I wanted to add a separate sheet which had details of accommodation and the RSVP date and details, so I created a belly band to keep the sheets together.

The main invite has been printed in the same Ivory pearlised paper I’ve used everywhere and backed onto thick mauve pearlised card to give it some weight.  The guest information sheet has been printed on mauve paper and sits at the back of the invite tucked into the belly band.

I’m really pleased with the way they look, Mom and I spent Sunday addressing most of them so they are now ready to be posted and handed out.

We’re still waiting for a few RSVP’s from our day invitations but our deadline date is this weekend, So I won’t be nagging people just yet!

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Afternoon Birthday Tea

August 30th, 2010 — 9:34pm

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday with a tea party at home.  We made loads of food and ate ourselves silly!  I thought I’d share a few photos of the yummy cookies, cupcakes and cheesecake I made.

Shortbread Teapots!  Thanks Caroline for all your help!  My cousin Natalie pretty much polished them all off!

Completely shocked by how amazing this tasted!  I just followed this recipe (Although I did double the ingredients on the base) and it turned out to be a winner!  So good I’ve made a second one to take into my office!

Mini sandwiches, because let’s face it small sandwiches always taste better!

Banana and Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes.

And this!  Monster Moo Chocolate cake made by Suzie

How awesome does it look!?

I had a wonderful birthday spent with my favourite people, thank you everyone for your birthday wishes xxx

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Happy Birthday to me!

August 28th, 2010 — 8:00am

Yes today is my 26th birthday, I’m celebrating my last birthday as a Miss with family and friends with a tea party at my parent’s house.

The cute little podge I’m cuddling in the picture is  my “baby” brother Paul.  His 23rd birthday is on Monday.

Because our birthday’s are so close we tend to make a weekend of it and invite family and friends round for a big house party, this year will be the first year I don’t get to spend my birthday with my brother… he’s at a festival this weekend.  It’s going to be very strange without him.  Hope you have a “buzzin” time, don’t get too “laggin”! ♥

So if you’re free pop round, they’ll be homemade shortbread, cupcakes, cheesecake, chewy chocolate chop cookies, mini sandwiches, plenty of tea and word on the street is that Suzie is making my Birthday cake!!

and just for fun, 26 things you may not know about me.

  1. I love pickled onions… I mean love as in I can’t make a jar last longer than 3 days.
  2. I have a fear of clowns.
  3. I hate swimming.
  4. I regret not following through with my childhood dream of becoming a Midwife.
  5. Growing up I used to pretend my name was Rebecca.
  6. Needles freak me out and can totally change my personality.  Faced with a needle I’ll either run away or fight.
  7. I have to get into bed first, if Has gets in before me it can put me in a bad mood.  I’m trying to correct this.
  8. I rarely call anyone by their real name.  I favour nicknames and cute monikers.  Some of the most recent names include, Huna Pie, Hula, Mooface, Moochops, Sweets, Fran, Bert, and Nash head.
  9. Without glasses or contacts I’m pretty much blind.
  10. When Charlene left Neighbours I cried for hours.
  11. I’m a stickler for routine, bordering on OCD some might say.  I have to park in the same car parking space at work, I have to be weighed in before Mom at weight watchers and I had to use the same locker at the gym (when I used to go!)
  12. In a school drama production I played Jemima in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I learnt all my lines off by heart, but an older girl still tried to prompt me through the entire play.  I got upset and ended up saying my lines quickly and loudly before she could.
  13. I used to fancy Peter Andre….
  14. I am just awful at Maths… numbers terrify and confuse me.  My parents laminated times tables on to A4 sheets and placed them all around the house to help me learn them for my Junior School tests.  It work then, now I can barely remember them.
  15. Following on from number 14, I was made to sit outside my year 3 school Christmas Party until I had finished a Maths exam.  I wrote completely random numbers and bizarre working outs on my paper so I could go inside and join the fun.  Maybe why I’ve always hated Maths!
  16. Mushrooms are vile.
  17. I played with dolls well into Senior School.  My favourite being Katie (who I still have!)
  18. I adore the smell of coffee but can’t stand the taste.
  19. My favourite film is Twister.
  20. My claim to fame is that I appear on the Tenacious D Live at Brixton Academy DVD for all of 2 seconds
  21. When I was younger my Nan used to have a duck called, Mr Duck.  When he died my Nan kept one of his feathers.  I begged her to let me see it, I took it outside and lost it.  I still feel guilty now.
  22. My Family and friends are immensely important to me
  23. I drink far too much tea.  But it must be Yorkshire Gold.
  24. I won’t eat steak or beef burgers, but I will eat mince.
  25. I still miss my Grandad and intend to give my first born son his name as a middle name.
  26. I can’t wait to be Has’ wife and spend the rest of my life being his “other half” ♥


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Some things for the weekend

August 27th, 2010 — 4:57pm

High Fives for an extra long weekend!

How will you be spending yours?  I shall be celebrating 26 years tomorrow and then my brother’s 23rd Birthday on Monday.  Hope you have a fab one!

Some lovelies for the weekend.

Have an awesome long weekend, see you on the other side! xxx

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Party Time!

August 26th, 2010 — 5:20pm

Usually for my birthday I have friends and family over for a barbecue, but seeing as summer has upped and left us with all day rain, cold winds and grey skies – my plans have been scuppered somewhat!

This year I’m having an small afternoon tea style party.  I’m going to inflict my baking skills on my poor family and friends.. (!)

Tonight I shall be making teapot shaped shortbread biscuits (Thank you Caroline for you invaluable advice) and also chewy chocolate biscuits to hopefully sandwich with vanilla ice cream – hey just because summer’s run out on us doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bit of Neapolitan!

I’m taking my inspiration from these pictures.

Foodbeam & Mad Baker

In no way do I expect my  biscuits to turn out as good as these, but it’s nice to have something to work towards!

I’m also going to supply finger sandwiches as well as plenty of tea, real lemonade and juice.  To be honest I just want to use my new cupcake teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug!

I’m going to be baking cupcakes tomorrow night and on Saturday morning I shall rustle up a vanilla cheesecake and decorate the teapots –  just call me Martha!

Very much looking forward to my party now – pop along if you’re free!!

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Hair styles and sparkles

August 25th, 2010 — 2:14pm

I have my hair trial next week, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve been a little bit stuck describing how I want my hair on the day, I know I want it long, curly and loose.  I don’t wear my hair up on a day to day basis so I don’t see why I should change that for my wedding day, but I also wanted it to look slightly different, elegant and hopefully include a few pretties!

I came across this wedding today and fell in love with the bride’s hair.

So simple, yet beautiful. I’ll definitely be taking a print out of this to my trial!  I think I would probably have slightly tighter curls and I would keep my side fringe out, but I love the little twists on either side.

I’d also love to have a few sparkly pearl pins just to add the extra wow.

I’m loving these from Chez Bec

I also wonder how this would look, in just one side.  From Tantrums and Tiaras

I’m going to have a look around some local bridal shops this weekend to get an idea on what will suit me best.  Hopefully I’ll come away with a better idea of what I want!

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The yummiest of evenings

August 24th, 2010 — 10:56am

Last night was our menu tasting evening at Nailcote Hall.  I’ve been so excited about visiting again and trying out the food, from the moment we booked Nailcote I’d heard good things about the food, so my expectations were set pretty high!

We arrived and were shown to the bar area for drinks.  We enquired about the drinks prices, to get an idea of what our guests would be paying on our wedding day and the bar man instantly said he could provide us with a bar tariff to take away.  Over all the prices are pretty standard for a 4 star hotel.  A pint of Carlsburg will cost you £3.55 and a Magners will set you back £3.70.

Once our table was ready Terry the restaurant manager showed us to our table in the Oak Room restaurant, the conversation quickly turned to that of the breakfast the morning after our wedding as normally the Oak Room is where this is held.  Terry explained that it had room for 50 guests and as there will be more like 60 guests staying over he suggested they could open up the marque for us to have a buffet style breakfast at no extra cost.  Fantastic!

We had picked two menus to try out.  2 dishes of each course from each menu were brought out.  Has had one option and I had the other, we then swapped half way through so we each got to try all the courses.  My parents did the same.

The first course was between a warm smoked salmon & lime tartlet with lemon & saffron mayonnaise or a fan of charentais melon with raspberry sorbet & orange compote.

We had a clear winner.

The warm smoked salmon & lime tartlet with lemon & saffron mayonnaise was by far the best, whilst the melon was delicious, we all adored the tartlet.  It was divine!

Next up was the soup course, it was between cream of broccoli & stilton soup or cream of leek and asparagus soup with wholemeal croutons.  This one took me by surprise, I had expected to prefer the leek and asparagus but the broccoli and stilton was just amazing.

The main course was between pan-fried breast of chicken with chasseur sauce or rump of lamb nicoise, served with a light mint jus.  Whilst both dishes were yummy, we could find fault with both.  Compared to the rest of the menu we didn’t feel like these dishes were as good.  We have enquired about going back for a second taste of another dish.

By this point I was feeling rather full, but I always have room for pudding! I honestly thought the dessert would be our hardest decision.  It was between a chocolate fudge cake with orange ice cream or eton mess cheesecake with a mint syrup.  On paper they both sound amazing, and I thought I might have favoured the lighter option with the cheesecake, but the moment the chocolate fudge cake hit my mouth I knew it was the winner!

I was pleasantly surprised to find Has and I agreed on everything – I thought there may have been a course we would differ on but we both felt the same way about each dish.  Which is a really good thing because we actually both have quite different tastes in food, so if each dish appealed to both of us – hopefully it means our guests will like them too.

We still have the main course to decide on, but we’ll hopefully be going back to try another option soon.  It’s so exciting to know what we’ll be eating on our wedding day.  It was a lovely evening out with Has and my parents I really had fun.  The staff at Nailcote were wonderful, very professional and very helpful.  Terry displayed excellent knowledge about each dish we asked about.  The food did live up to my expectations and more, it was a very successful evening.

Our menu… as it stands.

Warm Smoked Salmon & Lime Tartlet with Lemon & Saffron Mayonnaise

Cream of Broccoli & Stilton Soup


Chocolate Fudge Cake with Orange Ice Cream

Filter coffee, tea and mints wafers

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Last hotel booked!

August 23rd, 2010 — 10:32am

We booked out last honeymoon hotel on Friday night – it also happens to be the first hotel we’ll be staying in on our honeymoon.

The Aloft Dallas in Downtown Dallas, the best thing about it?  It was free!  Didn’t coast us a bean!  When Has was working away in India he accumulated enough Starwood points for us to use them against our 2 nights in Dallas.  We have a few left over, which we may be able to use towards the night before we leave at Heathrow Airport.

Now all the flights and  hotels have been booked and sorted, we can start to look at things like shows and days out!  We have already booked to see the San Francisco 49ers and have a few other shows and games we’d like to see.  Apart from packing our bags – we’re ready to go!  Can’t wait!

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Some things for the weekend

August 20th, 2010 — 3:34pm

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!  I was totally blown over today when I tried to argue with someone that we had about 85 days left.  They kept telling me “No Laura it’s more like 77″ turns out they were right and I seem to have misplaced a week!

Hopefully this weekend I’m going to get the majority of our evening invitations finished and possible take a little shopping trip to look for various bobs and bits!

Here are my list of lovelies this week.

Happy weekend xxx

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Florist catch up

August 19th, 2010 — 2:00pm

I went to see our florist last night to discuss the finer details and to tell her about any changes I had made since the last time I saw her.  (Which was the day Has went to India for a month can you believe!?!!)

We arrived at her house and knocked the door…. no answer… knock a little louder… still no answer.  Hmmm tried ringing her…. no answer.

I’m started to get a little confused at this point thinking things like “this is the right house isn’t it?” and “I do have the right day don’t I?”  Luckily I was able to check my emails on my phone to reassure myself I wasn’t going mad and I did indeed have the correct date, time and address.  After ringing another couple of times – I received a text message telling me she was at work doing a wedding appointment and she’d call me later… erm what?!  I text her back explaining I was outside her house waiting for my appointment!

With that she came out of the house looking rather embarrassed - apparently she hadn’t heard us knocking and had thought the phone calls were from a different Laura she knew!!!

Despite the initial heart attack she gave me, the meeting went very well.  We went over what we had decided at the first meeting and to be honest I hadn’t changed my mind too much.

I still want my poofy, messy and very natural looking bouquet filled with ivory avalanche roses, purple roses, lisianthusm, freesias and hypericum berries.

(Source unknown)

I bookmarked this bouquet ages ago and I still love it.  I gave it to our florist as an example of how I wanted mine to look. I have a gorgeous Yarwood-White brooch to pin to the stem of my bouquet, which will be wrapped in an ivory lace ribbon.

The bridesmaids are having smaller bouquets made up of the ivory avalanche roses, a purple rose and purple freesias.

Has’ button hole will be a purple rose with dark green foliage and the rest of the wedding party (best men, ushers and dads) will have a white rose with dark green foliage.

Our mom’s are going to have a corsage made up of a selection of our wedding flowers in ivory, so the purple doesn’t clash with their carefully chosen outfits!

Our table arrangements have all stayed the same apart from our top table ones.  We decided to have 4 small square vases with a small arrangement of our wedding flowers to go along the length of the table.  Our top table will be used as the buffet table during the evening so those little vases can either sit on their or they can be moved into the quite room just outside of our marquee.

So ignoring the initial heart-stopping-panic moment it was all in all a very good meeting!

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