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Some Things for the Weekend

April 30th, 2010 — 11:13am

Yippee another lovely long weekend!

How will you be spending your May Day bank holiday?

It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow so we’re celebrating with a barbecue on Sunday with all the family.  Tomorrow morning I’m meeting up with an old school friend for a catch up.  She got married last September and for one reason or another I haven’t really seen her since!  I’m sure the topic of conversation will be weddings, as it always is when we get together.

Then I’m dragging Suzie and Natalie to yet another bridesmaid shop to try on more dresses.  After my initial stress over bridesmaids dresses I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Wedding Belles stocks most of the Dessy dresses I like so hopefully we’ll all come away feeling a little more positive.

As long as the idea of lazing around and watching films doesn’t tempt us too much I’m hoping to do a big spring clean on Monday.  We have far too much stuff for our little room and really need to sort a few things out.

Have a fab weekend x

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We’re on a roll! San Antonio: Done!

April 29th, 2010 — 11:26am

Yes, we booked another hotel last night – this time in San Antonio, Texas.  Our second stop on our Honeymoon.

We have booked the Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk and managed to bag a 2 room jacuzzi and terrace suite with a king size bed! Nice!

The hotel used to be the Alamo Bank and when it was renovated they kept a lot of the building’s old characteristics.  The lobby looks amazing!

The location is pretty awesome.  It sits right on the Riverwalk so we’ll be really close to loads of different restaurants and shops.  We also close to the Alamo, I can’t work out whether we’ll be able to walk it but a taxi certainly won’t cost that much.

There is a pool on the roof and they serve complimentary food and drink every evening.  In fact I had to giggle when I received the confirmation email.

“Join us for free hot food and cold beverages at the 5:30 Kickback. Sunday through Thursday, enjoy a rotating menu of chicken strips, egg rolls, hot dogs, charbroiled meatballs and more. Start a great Friday or Saturday night with hot dogs and chili. And every night, you will find baked potatoes, salad, beer, wine and mixed drinks available.”

It sounds so Texan!

I’m so excited about visiting San Antonio I don’t think either of us have to anywhere like it before.  I’m looking forward to strolling around the Riverwalk, trying the local food and picking up little souvenirs from the shops.  Hopefully the weather will still be nice enough for us to sit outside sipping our drinks as we watch the world go by.  Sounds like heaven!

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New York: Done

April 28th, 2010 — 1:26pm

We booked our first hotel for the honeymoon last night!  Yay!

We felt a degree of urgency around booking our hotel in New York as we’ll be staying over Thanks Giving.  We’re aware it’s a busy time and really didn’t fancy the struggle of finding a decent hotel because we’d left it too late.

So we picked the Wyndham Garden Hotel Times Square South.

The hotel is situated close to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, and a few blocks from the Empire State Building.  I believe some rooms in the hotel provide wonderful views of the Empire State Building.

The rooms look comfortable and the beds look huge!
We always thought we would stay at the Casablanca Hotel for our honeymoon and as nice as that hotel is, we felt that our money was going to go a little further at the Wyndham Gardens.  We obviously want to stay in nice hotels on our honeymoon but we also recognise that whilst in New York we really won’t be spending much time there.  We’d much rather save our money and splurge a little in Hawaii.
Having been to New York a few times before we have already done most of the famous sites.  But there are still a few favourites we have to do, including Rockefeller Center.  I love the views from up there.  In my opinion it’s the best way to see the city.  You have an amazing view of the Empire State, Central Park and on a clear day the Statue of Liberty.
We also – without a shadow of a doubt – have to visit Virgil’s.  When any body asks me my recommendations on things to do in New York I always say “Visit Virgil’s”  We’ve eaten there every time we’ve been, at least twice on every trip.  It’s nearly always busy but it’s definitely worth waiting for.
It’s a laid back restaurant and bar that delivers the most mouth watering food I have ever tasted.  Their macaroni cheese is to die for!  We always end up ordering far too much and come away with bellies double the size than when we walked in, but it’s worth it.
Every time we go to New York we always take in a game of some sort.  Usually the Knicks (basketball).  We’re planning this time to get tickets to see the New York Giants (American Football).  Tickets will be realised soon so we’ll hopefully get our hands on a pair.
If we’re not watching a game, our evenings are usually spent on Broadway.  We’ve seen some amazing shows, such as Spamalot, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, Evil Dead the Musical and Young Frankenstein
This time we reeeeally want to see Rock of Ages, Green Day’s American Idiot (problem being at the moment these two are only running until September – they need to do well for them to continue longer) and Spiderman.
There are a couple of other things I’d like to do whilst in New York that we haven’t done before.  I want a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.   This is non negotiable!  I need one!  I’d also really like to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  I’m not sure how likely this is seeing as New York is our last stop and we’ll probably be exhausted but I’ve heard the views from the Brooklyn side of Manhattan are amazing (plus there is a really nice ice cream stand just off the bridge) I suppose we could always take the train across but I should imagine there is something quite satisfying in saying you’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.
We’ll also have the opportunity to see the Macy’s Day Parade.  This is something I have always wanted to see.  It will mean we have to get up relatively early to get a good spot but I don’t mind as long as we see it!  I believe a lot of attractions are closed on Thanks Giving, so we’ll have to plan our day so we have plenty to see and do.  We’ll also have to book a table quite a way in advance I’ve heard is quite a good resource.
The Friday after Thanks Giving is also known as Black Friday a date hard core shoppers will know well!  It marks the first day of Christmas shopping, retailers often open early and reduce goods heavily.  I’m sure we’ll get involved and hopefully pick up a few bargains!
Our honeymoon all seems to be coming together quite nicely now.  We’re pretty certain on our Honolulu hotel and have found options for our other stops. We’re both getting pretty excited now and can’t help but talk about things we want to see and do whilst we’re away.
Has has worked so hard on planning of our honeymoon, making it the best he possibly can.  It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait – our first holiday as husband and wife!

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Hen and the City

April 28th, 2010 — 9:53am

Yesterday I emailed 22 of my closest friends and family and invited them to my hen weekend in London.

It went a little something like this…

“The plans so far are as followed.
Friday – Go to London mid afternoon on the train. Grab something to eat, maybe see a show or a night in a bar…

Saturday – Flight on the London Eye, followed by Afternoon Tea. Back to the hotel to freshen up then out to some bars for the night – possibly the Vodka Ice Bar!

Sunday – Train back home early afternoon. Morning is free for recovering/shopping/what ever you fancy!!…

I‘m aware that some people may find it difficult to get the time off work or will struggle to afford the whole weekend, but a few people have already told me that they will be joining us on the Saturday so if that works better for you, there is always that option.

So far I’ve had 12 replies.

2x “I’m your bridesmaid of course I’ll be there”
4x “Definitely count me in!”
1x “Maybe… let me get back to you”
3x “Yes I’ll come up on the Saturday”
2x “Sorry I can’t make it”
I’m really excited about it now!  Including me there are 7 confirmed all weekend and 3 for the Saturday, with another 10 people yet to get back to me.  I really hope it’ll be a good weekend!
Suzie and Hayley are arranging a surprise hen party sometime in September.  It’s a compromise, I’ve put my bridezilla foot down and said over my dead body, no way jose, not on your nelly will there be any L plates, willies, sashes or plastic blow up 80′s dolls (Hayley, I’m looking at you!!) making an appearance whilst we’re in London.
They gave me their “try and stop us” eyes so I caved in and gave them freedom to organise a party in the privacy of my own home which I have no control over.  God help me!  (I’d rather that than walking around London with flashing badges and a veil!!)

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The ways of the wife…

April 27th, 2010 — 3:51pm

I asked Suzie if she would mind doing a little update on how she’s finding married life.  It’s nice to hear what it’s like on the other side.

Over to Suzie…
We’ll hasn’t time flown by! Rob and I have now been married just over 2 months, I really can’t believe that it’s been 2 months since I wore that amazing dress and married that amazing man. All of my married friends warned me that the post-wedding blues would kick in and it was normal to feel sad about the end of the planning and wedding related chat.
I don’t think I really suffered with the post-wedding blues, don’t get me wrong I miss it all and had the most amazing day of my life but THANK GOODNESS it’s all over!
I think both Rob and I suffered more with the post honeymoon blues! We had such a fabulous time in Thailand, the food was amazing and the weather was great it was quite a crash back to earth returning to our cold flat! But all in all I haven’t suffered greatly.
Soooooo have things changed since marriage I hear you ask?
Well not really to be honest, Rob and I have lived together for over 5 years so we are quite used to the home life. We knew long before we got married all of each others little annoying habits like the way Rob always leaves pull-off lid from the new milk on the side and never puts it in the bin or always leaving the lid of the toothpaste and the way I leave undies on the bathroom floor and cover the bathroom in hair dye!! These little niggles are nothing new to us, we are more than aware that neither of us is perfect but we see each other imperfections perfectly which is what’s important.
I can imagine that couples that have wed in the traditional way (however rare this might be these days) have a bit of a shocker when they move in together after they are married. It is only when you live with your partner you are truly exposed to all their little habits….. So be warned – if your having a nice relaxing bubble bath and he needs to go – be under no illusion he will come in and go either get used to it have engage in some bathroom chatter or get a good lock on the door!

Enough about bad habits – what about the good stuff….
I ♥ living with Rob even more so now we are husband and wife, I can see that we are both making more of an effort around the house, sharing the chores and the workload. We love nothing more that to snuggle up on our super comfy Elephant Beanbag and watch some TV.
Last week I surprised Rob by blitzing the flat top to bottom so we wouldn’t have to do chores over the weekend and he surprised me with a meal out.
For my Hen party the girls put together a perfect housewife kit – I’ve used most of the things in it – the oven cleaner is yet to see the light of day but im sure it will one day!  They have all helped me to be a good wife, to conclude i’ve been married 2 wonderful months so far – so until next time, Cheerio!
If you need any hints and tips on being the perfect wife try this website! The Perfect House Wife

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I’m going to admit something.

April 26th, 2010 — 10:47am

It all got too much.  Things got too much.

It’s odd because wedding planning has actually slowed down a lot recently, but I’ve also been faced with a few decisions.  Nothing major but I panicked.

The first time was over our invitations.  This one has been bubbling for a while now.  I feel this enormous pressure when it comes to the invites.  I’m a Graphic Designer by trade and I’ve also been known to design my own gift cards.  I feel like they need to be outstanding otherwise people will be disappointed.  I realise how crazy this sounds and in truth the only person who will really notice any faults is me.  But unfortunately this is who I am and I can’t help feel this way.  I’ve reached a point with the invitations and now I’m stuck, I can’t decide the best way forward, my solution for this is to ignore it.  Yeah I know not a great idea but it’s best for me to take a step back and approach it again with a clear head.

The second thing is the bridesmaid’s dresses.  How on earth am I meant to choose a dress that suits all 4 girls without actually seeing the dress they’ll wear?  The dresses they’ve tried on either don’t fit or are the wrong colour.  It’s impossible and I seem to lack the imagination to picture them in their finished state.  All the girls are wonderful and offer their opinions, but I still feel very alone in this decision.  I have to admit that I haven’t fallen for any of the dresses they’ve tried on and I can’t figure out whether it’s because they’re not right or it’s because I can’t picture them the way they’re suppose to be.
I worry that I’m asking too much of the girls to give up their weekends to follow me around bridal shops, especially as I’m so indecisive.   We have another appointment this Saturday to try on a few Dessy dresses including the one on my previous post which everyone seemed to like (2749). Hopefully we’ll find the right one soon, until then we’ll continue the search.  Sorry girls.

I’m sensitive and I’m a worrier.  They’re innate qualities that I acknowledge but really can’t do anything about. I upset myself more because I kept thinking that things aren’t even that stressful yet.  I’ve still got 6 more months of decisions and planning to go – how will I cope?!

I also did the worst thing possible.  I kept it to myself.  I thought people would think I was being silly and over-sensitive.  In truth the enormity of the situation hit me.  The thought that I have to make decisions for a date 6 months away and to commit large sums of money, time and effort in to something that I can’t change if it’s wrong blew me away.

I’ve spoken to my Mom and I’ve spoken to Suzie – who tell me this is all totally normal and I’m not losing my mind.  The reason I’m writing about this on the blog is because above all else this is my wedding journey diary.  I’m using this post as a form of closure.  I’m acknowledging that not everything will be perfect on the day but by that point will I really care?  It’s very easy to get caught up in the small things – I’ve never forgotten the real reason for the day and throughout all my tearful moments Has has been there for me.  I don’t really want to admit to wobbling but I also want to say “It’s ok”  When faced with something as important like this we’re bound to feel overwhelmed.  It’s hard to have everyone looking to you for the answers but I’m stepping up to the plate.  Yes I’m going to wobble again and yes I’m sure there will be more tearful moments but I’m going to try my hardest to not let the little things bother me.

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Happy Birthday Nan!

April 25th, 2010 — 9:06pm

Today is my Nan’s 70th birthday.

We celebrated yesterday by going out for a meal with family and friends and then back to my parents house for a surprise party!

We had arranged for more family and friends to surprise my Nan once we got back from the restaurant.  She was definitely surprised!

It was lovely to see my Nan catch up with everyone.
Seeing as it was St George’s day on Friday and how my Nan is very patriotic we had a red, white and blue theme for the party.  All the party food and even the cake, which was made by Sarah at Blue Door Bakery was in keeping with the theme.

The cake was gorgeous, everyone loved it!  Thank you Sarah!

Together with all my beautiful bridesmaids

We borrowed an idea from the girls at “Rock my Wedding” and printed off a few signs we could use during photos.  Dressed in fancy dress and looking the fool everyone posed for pictures.  It was such good fun!

My Nan had a wonderful night and said today she can’t remember smiling so much!

Happy 70th Birthday Nan.  Love you always x

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Some Things for the Weekend

April 23rd, 2010 — 10:21am

Happy St George’s Day!

Does anyone still celebrate today?  It always reminds me of my Grandad.  He always used to say he had two birthdays.  His official birthday and today.  You see his name was George… not quite a saint though!

Busy weekend planned.  My Nan turns 70 on Sunday so we are going out for a meal tomorrow to celebrate her birthday.  Sunday is a very important day if you like football and live in the Midlands.  It’s the Aston Villa, Birmingham City Derby.  A date in my diary I always dread!  Has is a Blues supporter and my family support Villa.  I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of healthy banter on Saturday!

Enjoy the sunshine and have a fabulous weekend!! x

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April 22nd, 2010 — 3:20pm

It’s funny because Seattle only became an option when we had planned to go to Alaska.  It was one of the only places we could get a direct to or from within the mainland USA.  During the early stages of planning we looked in to the city just enough to decide whether or not it would suit us.  Has mentioned to me this morning he didn’t really know what we were going to do once we were there.

We are both aware of the cities musical background as some of our favourite bands came straight out of Seattle.  We’d love to do a grunge tour and see the venues that had bands such as Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains play.  I could be wrong but I don’t think there is an organised tour, we would have to put in a lot of research and create our own, which could be a lot of fun!  Notable places would probably include The Crocodile and The Central Saloon.  We could also visit the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum which is dedicated to the history of both music and science fiction.

We couldn’t travel all that way without visiting the Space Needle, 184 metres high the Space Needle is probably Seattle’s most famous landmark.  At the top sits the Sky Cafe, which rotates 360 degrees as you eat!  The menu is a little on the pricey side but hey you’re only on honeymoon once!

Pike Place Market is home to the first ever Starbucks Cafe.  If you know me and Has you’ll know that Starbucks (however cheesy) played rather a large part in our relationship.  It seems fitting to visit this store on our honeymoon.  As well as the famous coffee chain Pike Place also has plenty of restaurants, stalls, shops and bars to keep us busy.  If we’re peckish I’ve heard good things about the Three Girls Bakery, mmmmm cake!

 (Mine’s a tall hot chocolate with whipped cream, Has’ is a grande cappuccino!)

Seattle has a secret world right underneath the streets! After the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, city leaders decided that they would rebuild the city 2 stories above the previous level. In 1965, Bill Speidel established Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour  You can now take tours underneath the city and learn about Seattle’s history.  It gets mixed reviews on Trip Advisor but it may be a fun way to spend a few hours.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Seattle has to offer.  We’ll be arriving into the city on the red eye from Oahu, where we’ll obviously have been taking things very easy, so I think it’s a great way for us to get back into the swing before moving on to New York.

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NFL fixtures – What games will we see?

April 21st, 2010 — 9:45am

The NFL fixtures came out last night.  We were hoping that Has’ team the Oakland Raiders would play at home when we were in San Francisco.  Unfortunately the Sunday we are there is their “day off” (typical!) However the San Francisco 49ers will be playing the St Louis Rams.  The cool thing about seeing the 49ers play at home is a week before our wedding we will be going to Wembley to watch them play the Denver Broncos.

Also my team the New York Giants are playing at home on Sunday 28th November.  The day we leave to come home.  Our flight isn’t until late so we’ll try and get tickets to see the Giants play the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Providing we get tickets I’ll be able to cross off number 16 on my 30 before 30 list

In other Honeymoon news – it looks like we’ll be making a decision and booking our New York hotel by the end of the week!  Eek!


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