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Sweets for my sweet!

September 30th, 2009 — 10:51am

We are supplying, as most couples do, an evening buffet. As this only includes savoury foods we thought we’d like to treat our guests to a little something sweet! We’ve decided to add a candy table!

We want to include some American favourites such as Hershey’s Kisses and Milk Duds as well as purple chocolates like miniature Dairy Milks. The plan is to display them in large and varied shaped bowls, dishes and vases. These are some of my favourite candy tables.

I wanted a quirky way for people to hold their treats, I’ve seen allsorts of bags and boxes and didn’t really like any of them, I told Suzie this and she said “What about Starbucks cups?” me: “What a bloody brilliant idea!!” We searched online for anywhere we could get our hands on 200 Starbucks cups, of course this was impossible! So I gave up hope, until… i was copied into this email

“Hello Starbucks!

I am writing to you with a plea!

Next year my best friend is getting married, I have the privilege of being her bridesmaid and am helping her in what way i can to make her day the most perfect it can be.

I’m sure you’re very busy but think a little background info may help with my plea so please bear with me.

Laura (my best friend) met her now fiancé Hassan in Starbucks in Solihull town centre, it’s there that they became friends and also there that on the 8th November 2001 Hassan asked Laura out. Eight years passed and on 24th September 2009 Hassan asked Laura to be his wife. They are having a New York themed wedding on the 5th November 2010, tying in all there favourite things. I would like to help Laura tie Starbucks in to her day by using small Starbucks branded cups to go on the Candy Buffet table for the guests to put their sweets in.

As you will know these are near on impossible to buy online, so here comes my plea (thanks for your patience so far, i’m almost finished – i promise) I was wandering if it would be possible to send me some cups? I think there will be near enough 200 guests so as many cups as you could spare near to that number would be great.

I understand that its a lot to ask by as the saying goes:
Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love – Virgil, Eclogues
Please help, very much looking forward to your response

Many thanks


I tried not to get my hopes up as Starbucks could very well turn around and say no, but honestly I knew I would be so upset if I couldn’t have Starbucks cups on my candy table.
Fast forward about 2 weeks to today and I get a call from Suzie, the very generous people at Starbucks are sending us 200 3 oz cups for our guests to put their sweets in!!

I’m so excited and so thankful that I have a wonderful, wonderful bridesmaid! Thank you Suzie, I love you loads!!

P.S I had a Starbucks at lunch to say thank you!! x

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Do me a favour!

September 30th, 2009 — 8:53am

Most bridal magazines you read will suggest “DIY-ing” as a way to save money, I on the other hand want to DIY because that’s what I enjoy. I’ve already made a start on the invitations and another thing I wanted to do myself was the favours.

My initial idea was to buy chocolates from New York, but quickly changed my mind. I wasn’t sure they’d survive the plane journey and to be honest most American chocolate is just a bit gross! I still wanted to continue the New York theme over to the favours so I designed my own wrappers! I’ve decided to bulk buy delicious Green & Blacks miniature chocolates and wrap them (with the help of my wonderful bridesmaids and mommy!) in these.
The ladies will have their chocolates presented in these.

And the men will have theirs in these.

They are flat packed boxes which need to be assembled and decorated.

I really lucked out with the children’s favours, I found these adorable jars in Confetti at a bargain price. They were heavily reduced because the jelly beans that were inside were coming to the end of their shelf life. I intend to fill them with either jelly sweets or chocolates like smarties.

I also had a go at making my own wine charms, hopefully I can get the staff at Nailcote to attach them to people’s glasses, else I’m going to have to pop them in the bags. I managed to make around 90 of these charms in a few hours. It was actually quite relaxing!

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Let’s get quizzical!

September 24th, 2009 — 2:09pm

I absolutely love this from Pretty Wild, it’s a table quiz card.

It would be super easy to make, we could do ours to include questions about New York, films and music… all things Has and I love!

i.e, Name the film Bill Murray shouts “Nobody steps on a church in my town!” at a giant Marshmallow Man?

Answers on a postcard…!

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We’ve been engaged a year!!

September 24th, 2009 — 8:26am

This time last year we were in Las Vegas and Has was a bag of nerves!!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Only 408 days to go!!

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Posing in the Puddles

September 23rd, 2009 — 2:56pm

Getting married in November means our chance of a shower or two are quite high! Instead of panicking about something I can’t control I’m going to roll with it.

Some of the best photo’s I’ve seen are when it rains on a wedding day. They are full of drama and romance.

I plan on buying a pair of funky purple wellies to put on for some photos outside, and maybe a cute umbrella to match! Something like this

Top Left, Top Right
Bottom Left, Bottom Right

Nailcote Hall has fabulous gardens and I intend to make the most of them! So unless we have hurricane force winds with torrential rain I shall be out there posing in the puddles!

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Engagement Party

September 23rd, 2009 — 11:24am

When we got back from Las Vegas the world of weddings hit me. I struggled to get my head around how we were going to plan a wedding. I barely knew where to start! It was a little overwhelming to say the least! We decided to throw an engagement party. We thought it would help us get into organisation mode and seeing as our wedding was still over 2 years away we thought it would be a nice way to introduce members of our families to each other.

So we searched for a small function hall that was available in November. My Nan and Grandad came up trumps with the hall at their British Legion. Obviously the décor was a little dated but we couldn’t afford a lot more. To save more money we planned to supply the food ourselves as well as the music.

Together with my Uncle Tony, Has worked out he could hook up his laptop to some speakers and light system and hey presto! Music sorted! Has spent about 2 months working on a playlist choosing music everyone would like and dance too without straying too far from the tunes we like.

The morning of the party me and Mom met Hayley in Asda for some last minute food shopping, we then raced over to the cake shop to pick up the icing decoration to sit on top of our cake. I left to have my hair done whilst Mom and Hayley headed over to my Nan’s house where we had an army of spreaders, cutters, sandwich fillers and cheese and pineapple stabbers!

Once the food had been sorted it was then a mad dash to get ready before heading over to the hall to lay out the food and set up the music. From then on in the night was a blur! I barely saw Has, I was running around all night making sure I had said hello to everyone, introduced family to people they didn’t know and before I knew it people were saying goodbye and my mom was clearing the food away… I hadn’t touched a bite!!

The night was so much fun, our friends and family were so generous and we received so many beautiful cards and presents! I am so glad we decided to have an engagement party, not only did it give everyone chance to get to know each other it’s also given me a heads up as to how the wedding will be. Has and I barely saw each other, in fact there is only 1 photo of us together and that was at the start of the evening before everyone had come!

Here are a few snaps from our party

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Stationery Stress

September 23rd, 2009 — 10:46am

From the word go I knew I wanted to make my own wedding invitations. As a hobby I make cards and I work as a graphic designer. I’m very critical of my own work and have high expectations. I feel like people will also be expecting something great considering my background and I want people to be “wowed!”

I started of by searching for styles I like and came across these.

I have experimented with a few designs, I like the swirls and the wallets I can slot extra information into. So far i’m 99% sure I have the wallet and inside swirl design I like, but I’m still looking for inspiration for the outside.

I’ve used a Pearlescent A6 pocketfold wallet in “Morphing Mauve” from PDA Card & Craft and ivory pearlescent card from Staples to print the design on to.

This is the layout of the invitation

The main part of the invitation will sit at the top and the extra information such as directions and RSVP will slot into the bottom.

After 6 different designs, 3 different styles of wallets I think I may have finally found an invite I like!

I intend to place tiny flat backed pearl in between the swirls and perhaps use them on the front design as well.

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Wedding Weight Loss

September 23rd, 2009 — 9:31am

As I’m sure most brides do, I want to look my best on my wedding day. I want to open up my photo album in 10, 20, 30 years time and think “Wow I looked amazing! I wish I was that slim now!” I’d hate to look back and think “I really should have tried harder to work off those extra pounds!” I know it sounds incredibly vain but I want my future self to be jealous!

Just before my 21st birthday I joined Weight Watchers and successfully lost over 2 stone in 6 months. Since reaching goal and abandoning the weekly meetings I gained it all back again! I tried to join Weight Watchers again a number of times but I felt I was too used to the diet and had found ways to cheat it.

It wasn’t until my friend and bridesmaid Hayley joined Slimming World in July this year that I decided to get back on the wagon.

My mom and I have now been going to Slimming World meetings for 7 weeks and are both really impressed with our weight loss. Even though the wedding is still a while away I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, I know I can lose the weight slowly which means it’s more likely to stay off! Also I am a bridesmaid at Suzie’s wedding in February 2010 and I wouldn’t want to ruin her photos!

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Painting the city purple!

September 22nd, 2009 — 4:03pm

I have to confess to thinking about colours and themes before I was even engaged, I’d changed my mind about a hundred times but just before we went to Las Vegas I came across a US blog called Snippet and Ink. The writer regularly publishes inspiration boards, which focuses on one or more colours. She sources wedding related photos and creates a mosaic of ideas. I saw one called “Purple and Vine” and instantly fell in love with the colours.

The day after Has proposed we sat down by the pool, admiring the sparkles my ring was giving off in the sun, texting my friends and discussing wedding plans. I remembered the inspiration board I had seen a few months earlier and asked Has how he felt about purples. We both agreed the colours would suit the time of year we had decided to get married and the main thing was it wasn’t a “girly” colour! Secretly I think Has was worried I would suggest pink as our wedding colour!

Has and I love New York, we first went when I surprised Has with a weekend away for his 21st Birthday ever since we’ve been besotted with the place. We’ve visited a number of times over the last few years, we seem to be addicted! It is because of our love (and obsession) with New York that we have decided to place suitable links to the Big Apple in and around our wedding day.

A number of ways we hope to do this are

  • Have each table named after a New York landmark, with a black and white photograph of Has and I when we visited.
  • I ♥ NY chocolate wrappers around small Green and Blacks Squares as the favours.
  • The ladies will have their chocolates presented in a handbag shaped favour box, a la Sex and the City
  • Our centrepieces will be large martini vases filled with flowers.
  • And of course we plan to visit New York on our Honeymoon!

As the planning has evolved we’ve picked up a few other things to be included in our theme. Not giving too much away about my dress, but that is why pearls have be introduced. We’ve also added a light sage green to lift the purple and stop it looking so flat. This will only be very subtle but enough to compliment the other colours. I have done my very own inspiration board to try and display the mood and feel of our wedding day.

I think it will be fun to do another one of these using photographs of things that will actually feature in our wedding!

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Bouquets, Brooches and Birthdays

September 22nd, 2009 — 2:01pm

As I do most days I was trawling the internet looking at wedding websites and pictures when I came across an idea I loved! I found this picture (not sure from where though!)

The bride has accessorised her bouquet with a gorgeous brooch and I knew it was something I wanted to copy!

I wanted something with a bit of sparkle so it would catch the light but it also needed to include pearls to carry on the wedding theme. I searched for ages and ages but nothing I found really wowed me. That was until I came across Yarwood-White’s Modern Heirloom collection. Featured was a delicate pearl and diamante brooch. I swooned over this brooch for months. The only thing stopping me from clicking “add to basket” was the price tag. I tried to put it out of my head, £150 was a lot of money to spend on a brooch, wasn’t it?
As if to tease me this brooch popped up more and more in wedding magazines but I had fully accepted that it was far too much to spend and I would find a cheaper version that was just as nice…

August 28th saw my 25th birthday, as is tradition my whole family came round to sing happy birthday and watch me blow out the candles. My mom handed me a beautiful gift bag and I checked the tag “To Laura, Happy Birthday, Lots of Love Mom, Dad & Paul” I opened the bag to find a white box at the bottom wrapped in the signature Yarwood-White brown and cream ribbon “Oh you didn’t!” The brooch is even more special, even more delicate and even more beautiful in real life!

Problem now is… I just have to have the entire Modern Heirloom collection to compliment it…!

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